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Another Blow to the Phins, This Time Defense


Miami Dolphins have announced that they will be releasing Yeremiah Bell after 8 years.  Also after GM Jeff Ireland told the Miami Herald that Bell was in no threat of being cut.  The Phins have apparently totally written off next season and gone into rebuild mode.  Unfortunately the Phins have been rebuilding for the better part of the last decade.  No one knows what the true master plan behind all these moves are but its hard to believe that they will have a good out come.

Even in a rebuild you still keep your top performers like Brandon Marshall and Bell around and trim the fat around them and bring in help for them like new receivers and a free safety.  Miami on the other hand continues to baffle and trade or cut their top guys with no replacements in place or even in talks.  After Marshall’s trade the Phins barely looked at any WR’s on the market, now they plan to release Bell and there are no safeties on the market worth picking up.

Is Ireland really thinking he can rebuild the team through the draft?  So in that case the Phins will be ready to compete again in oh say 3 maybe 4 years from now.  When all the contracts on hand expire and they have to start all over again.  Also who will teach the rookies all those little things that you need to know when facing certain players?  By cutting all our veteren’s there’s no one there to teach the guys coming in and they have to learn on their own which slows their development.

There’s no hiding it or denying it the Miami fans have had their fill of the moves being made by the front office in this off season.  They expected to have a QB signed and a few players added and make a run for the top of the division after a strong showing at the end of last season.  Instead they find their team being ripped apart and the most dynamic players being trade and cut to make way for the invisible man that no one knows about.  Teams around the league are adding major players and trying desperately to hold on to players that produce.  The Phins seem to be finding ways to get rid of the most productive pieces of what used to be a growing and thriving unit.