As I look at the trend in Miami, I start to realize somethi..."/> As I look at the trend in Miami, I start to realize somethi..."/>

Ireland’s Next Victim?


As I look at the trend in Miami, I start to realize something and for all Dolphin players and fans I truly hope I’m wrong. Brandon Marshall was traded because of bad attitude and salary cap space. Then Yeremiah Bell was another salary cap victim even though he was an outright stud and strong performer and contributor to this team. So it makes me wonder who’s next on the cutting board or the trading block? I see players like Jake Long making around 11 million this year but theres no way Jeff Ireland is that incompetent, right? Karlos Dansby is raking in about 8 mil himself but there’s no way they’ll let him go. I think. So even though I’m more then a little against losing another star player from the Phins, let me give you an idea of who may be sacrificed if this massive Ireland plan that nobody in the entire NFL can figure out and has fans protesting outside the complex continues.

Jake Long- As mentioned above, he stands to make around 11 million this year and is eating up a nice amount of cap. He’s also the best Offensive tackle in the entire leauge and deserves every red cent. For the most part I think hes safe but so far this year, nothing is for certain.

Karlos Dansby- Pulling in around 9 million he also might be in serious danger as well to be a cap victim even though Miami is well under cap right now. With Ireland’s record so far it doesn’t really matter that Dansby is the only true middle linebacker we have on the team. The same can be said for Kevin Burnett who is also making around 4 million this year.

Reggie Bush– Bush is looking to make around 4 to 5 million this year and as far as I can tell had a real shot at being cut or traded. Miami is presently carrying 4 other running backs besides Bush that all together don’t make half of what Bush is pulling in. I’m personally a huge Reggie Bush fan and would probably blow a major artery if Ireland were to trade or cut our biggest offensive weapon after his career season. Unfortunately Ireland’s track record is pointed directly at Bush and his contract.

Devone Bess- Not set to make as much as Bush with only about 3 million this year and a pretty young contract, but whos knows he may be next.

I really from the bottom of my heart hope and pray that I am way off base with my thinking but it’s hard not to speculate when there are no answers coming out of Miami and prized players are falling the roster left and right. These players mentioned and others are irreplaceable and would take years of development and money to match and there is no draft pick that can match their talent and experience. On Tuesday when Ireland was asked what he thought about the protesters outside the facility, his only answer was,”The player acquisition period is only half way through, just let it play out”. That is probably one of the scariest things I have ever heard in regard to this franchise. To me that means that not only are there players that might get cut or traded but also that he either plans to rebuild solely through the draft and have a mostly rookie team with no veterans to lead the way. Or he’ll do his other favorite thing and pick up other teams rejects for a bargain price after the draft and before opening day. Leaving the team full of rookies, although talented, inexperienced and washups, has beens, or never was players from other teams. Again I hope I’m far off and things only get better from here on out, but looking at the last few weeks and Ireland’s history, I fear more fan favorites and top performers are going to be playing somewhere else next season.