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PhinFan for Life, For Better or For Worse


I’ve been looking at the Miami Dolphin sites all over the Internet for the better part of the last few weeks and agree with most of what has been being said about the Phins and the front office.  About 90% if not more has been about as negative as you can get.  With everyone screaming for GM Jeff Ireland’s head and hoping that Owner Steve Ross hears the screams and does something about it.  Fans are not renewing season tickets and packing up their jerseys giving up on all hope for next season.  Who can blame them, there hasn’t been any good news coming out of Miami and with the loss of some of the most liked and famous players, everyone is left wondering what can the Phins really do to compete next season.

To tell the truth, any chance of winning looks bleak and as a life long PhinPhanatic it’s hard to keep my head up around my friends(who are all Jets fans).  Even as bad as it looks I can’t just give up on the Phins, not by a long shot.  Next season is shot, we have less then a handful of players that can actually make a difference and a whole lot of  roster spots filled with mediocre or less talented players.  Not a lot to hope for but they are still the Miami Dolphins that I grew up watching.

I still remember watching the legendary Dan Marino airing it out to the, “Marks Brothers” Mark Clayton and Mark DuperMark Higgs and Keith Jackson running all over the place in the early 90’s and O.J. McDuffie and Karim Abdul-Jabbar killing it in the late 90’s.  The incredible fake spike in 94 that clinched a come back win over the Jets.  One of the top secondaries ever with Terrel Buckley, Sam Madison, Brock Marion, Brian Walker and Patrick Surtain. 

Through the last decade with Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown, Chad Pennington, Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor. To now with Reggie Bush, Jake Long, Vantae Davis leading the charge into the 2012/2013 season.  There have been more then a few times when fans were left wanting and upset with the outcome of the seasons like the 2007 failed season of 1-15.  So many times we were so close and fell short but the Phins kept coming the next year. Like Coach Sparano’s  first year where we took the division in 2008.  The Dolphins are always a threat no matter how bad it looks through out the season.  No team is ever comfortable going to Miami and playing the Phins.

Miami is a proud organization with some of the proudest fans around.  One of the oldest organizations in the NFL and stands among one of the overall elite teams through history.  No one can ever forget the undefeated 72′ Phins who won it all and even several games into the next season.  Every team has down years, bad seasons, terrible coaches, players, general managers, draft busts or trade busts there have been as many good times as ther has been bad.  Those are the ones we need to stand by and think about even in times like now when there doesn’t seem to be anything to smile about.

As hard as it is on the fans, imagine how hard it is on the players knowing that they are most likely playing into a losing season.  They need their fans for the support and to help push them through the season.  Its not an easy thing and even harder to swallow the reality that we are looking at another losing season.  Remember before Don Shula was hired in 1970 the Dolphins were 15-39-2 under former coach George Wilson.  So even though it looks pretty bad, you never know what tomorrow holds.  Even though I hate everything they are doing right now, Im all in on the Phins.  Fan for life no matter how bad it gets.(It can only get better from here)