The Miami Dolphins have experienced a hectic last couple of ..."/> The Miami Dolphins have experienced a hectic last couple of ..."/>

It’s Rebuilding Time For The Miami Dolphins


The Miami Dolphins have experienced a hectic last couple of days, with media and former players hitting the organization with low blows every chance they’ve gotten. The social backlash this organization is experiencing is because of Jeff Ireland’s tight-vest nature. This backlash wouldn’t be as bad if Ireland had just been coming out and explaining his moves throughout the process, this way the fans can try to understand his vision.

Instead, fans have been left to go off of the declarations management made earlier this off-season. Although Miami has been aggressive at getting meetings, believe, fans are gonna get upset when plans A, B, and C don’t come to fruition with signings being made. As fans, we are results oriented, we want results and we want them now! So far, the Dolphins off-season has been distractions and subtractions, instead of the “mission addition” teams like Tampa Bay and Buffalo have been on to better their franchises. Fans expected that type of execution, and although they failed to meet these expectations, at least they didn’t overspend on free agents like the aforementioned teams.

By now its obvious the Phins are in a form of rebuilding. The Phins have more holes to fill now than they did when they started. Jeff Ireland said to let the process play out and all that’s left to save his job is the draft.

As I asses this team, all needs pale in comparison to the glaring hole at the position of potential Franchise Quarterback. The signing of David Garrard is an underrated one, if he’s healthy, he’s an upgrade over Matt Moore. The Phins can win games with that combination, but as this is Joe Philbin’s first year of installing his program, he needs to acquire his Franchise Quarterback and fast forward his development to fast forward this franchise back to relevancy.

It seems as though the writing’s on the wall and the stars are aligning in order for Texas A&M Quarterback Ryan Tannehill to be available at pick #8 for the Phins. It also would seem as if that is our main target with that pick come draft time. Knowing the fact that Tannehill played for our current Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman, one can assume we’ve scouted him to exhaustion.

There is no team in the league that would have more insight on this prospect than Miami, just as no one had more insight into Matt Flynn than Miami during the Free Agency period. We all saw how that played out, and maybe the reason Miami didn’t pay Flynn $8 million a year was because they knew they had a chance to draft Tannehill, a better gamble with a lower price tag and more potential. But then again, who knows, Miami passed on Flynn and they could pass on Tannehill too.

Either way, dismiss prior thoughts of Miami being only a couple players away and get used to an off-season about rebuilding the team and developing the players within the new system. Maybe Miami hits big on some key draft picks like the Cincinnati Bengals did last year, remember what a mess their off-season looked like before the draft?