If someone told you, "My father was a pimp and my mother worked for him&..."/>   If someone told you, "My father was a pimp and my mother worked for him&..."/>

Jeff Ireland Abuse Is Over the Top


If someone told you, “My father was a pimp and my mother worked for him”, what would you do?  Probably stay quiet and assume that this person’s mother was a prostitute, right?  It’s a difficult subject to touch but let’s say this person was going to work for you and be paid millions.  You need to dig further so you ask the logical follow-up, “Was your mother a prostitute?”  This has become a well documented mistake for Miami Dolphin General Manager Jeff Ireland.

What if he would have asked, “What exactly did your mother do?”  We probably would never have heard of this particular interview.  That is how ridiculous this whole situation is.  I believe Ireland asked a valid question in a politically incorrect way. That is all.

At the highest level, an athlete’s psychological make-up is half the battle, just ask Tiger Woods.  It makes a tremendous difference if Dez Bryant’s mother was a recordkeeper or an accountant of sorts.

A recent Fireland protestor was quoted as saying, “It feels like we’ve had 13 years of rebuilding, you know?” Ladies and Gentlemen, Jeff Ireland took control in 2008!

Let’s look at the last year.

Ireland drafted Mike Pouncey (1st round), Daniel Thomas (2nd), Clyde Gates (4th), Charles Clay (6th), Frank Kearse (7th) and Jimmy Wilson (7th).  All but Kearse remain on the team.  The expectations are high for Pouncey and Thomas while Gates, Clay, and Wilson can prove to be steals.

The Dolphins did not trade up for quarterbacks Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, or Christian Ponder.  They passed on Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, and Ryan Mallett.  Instead they signed Matt Moore to a two-year contract worth $2.5 million a year.

Moore had a better season than all of these rookies, including Dalton.  Dalton made the Pro Bowl and threw for more yards but he also started every game for the Bengals.  Matt Moore had a higher QB rating, 87.1 to 78.2, and he had a better TD to Int ratio.  I expect Moore to, again, beat all of these guys in 2012.  Moore makes less money than Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder and is only 27.

Ireland was criticized for not being as brilliant as Arizona’s GM Rod Graves, who traded a 2nd round pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Philadephia Eagles for Kolb.  Graves proceeded to sign Kolb to a 5 year/$63 million contract with $21 million guaranteed.  Fireland protestors, this was your guy.  Ireland chose Matt Moore for $2.5 million.  Get the picture.

Ireland said no to Kyle Orton and traded  Jonathan Amaya for Reggie Bush.  I’ll say it again, reserve safety Jonathan Amaya for 1000 yard rusher, Reggie Bush.  They also swapped sixth-rounders if you want to be technical.

Is Matt Moore not new and shiny enough?  He is only 27.  He is younger than Brandon Weeden, who some Dolfans want in the second round.

Ireland has no clue about running a franchise or does he?