Pete Carmichael Snubbed In New Orleans?


It doesn’t really belong to Miami Dolphins news but does bare mentioning.  By now we are all aware of the one year suspension handed down to New Orleans Saints HC Sean Payton.  Today, Payton and 8 game suspended GM Mickey Loomis are meeting with Bill Parcells about taking over the team for one year.  The thought of “The Tuna” taking over another coaching gig as we all still swim in the slime that he left us in Miami, makes me laugh.

The press will eat this up.  In their mind, Bill Parcells is not to blame for Miami’s mess and even last year when ESPN ran it’s “Parcells career” highlight film, his stay in Miami was laughably left out completely.  Personally, I could care less if Parcells wants to coach Sean Payton’s team for a year.  Big deal.  What I find interesting in all this is Pete Carmichael, Jr.

Carmichael was on the tips of fan’s tongues from the start of the Dolphins head coaching search.  Jeff Fisher, Pete Carmichael, Rob Chudzinski.  The Dolphins however passed on Carmichael.  Not even giving him an interview.  Now, here in a crisis situation in New Orleans, the one man who know the NO offense as well as Payton is being asked to take a backseat to Bill Parcells.

What exactly does that say for the confidence that New Orleans has in who is supposed to be a very hot up and coming HC?  I understand that there will be decisions that need to be made during the suspension of GM Mickey Loomis but there are other people in place who can get things done, and done in the same way that Loomis currently does his deals.  The same can not be said about adding a guy like Parcells.

Parcells does not know the New Orleans offense but will be asked to run it or he will fire up his ego and run things his way.  In addition, he will be the guy making the personnel decisions after Loomis starts his suspension in Week 1.  Carmichael however knows the system, the players, and knows them on both sides of the ball.  I find it interesting that a guy so many fans wanted to see interviewed in Miami is an afterthought as an interim HC for the team he has been with.  It almost feels like the Saints want to win a Super Bowl simply to give the rest of the NFL a big Mardi Gras one finger salute.

There really is no purpose to this other than to point out that while we as fans are often hyped on certain “names” what we don’t know about how the NFL works finds a way to shine through later.  Last year we got to see Kyle Orton implode and this year we are seeing a high performing team looking outside for an interim HC when an HC candidate is sitting in their offices.