Support Our Staffer


Two years ago I hired a staff writer from Indianapolis.  I got one or two articles out of him before an accident took away his ability to type, walk, and just about everything else that you and I tend to take for granted on a daily basis.  I kept Chris Leeuw on this site as a staffer regardless of whether he could write an article or not, he was and is a part of the family, and always will be.

Over those two years I have been following along with Chris’ progress VIA a website called Caring Bridge.  Through extensive rehabilitation and stress I can not imagine, Chris has regained motor function and it was an absolute delight when he surprised us all by posting an article.

Then another and another.

Chris is walking again, something that wasn’t believed to be possible when all of this first happened.  Through his own personal fights and the up’s and downs and from what I have read his extreme unending support from his mother and family, Chris is up and moving about.  Slowly but slow is better than not at all.

I have never met Chris but his own personal dedication to fight for his recovery inspired me to pay attention to the little things and not dwell on the big ones.  Chris is an inspiration and very rightly so.  He did not ask me to come on here and write this nor does he know that I am.  Last year we ran a charity drive to support the Miami Dolphins Foundation and the Sullivan Cancer Research Center in Miami as part of our dedication to the Miami Dolphins.  Now, I’m going to ask you to do the same for Chris.

Chris is going to be a part of the Christopher Reeve’s Foundation mini-race at this years Kentucky Derby.  He will attempt to walk a full mile with the assistance of a bionic machine that wraps around his leg to stimulate the muscles to walk.  This is an incredible accomplishment for Chris and we should all show our support.

Chris is trying to raise a modest 1,000 dollars for the Reeve Foundation and Spinal Cord research.  We can help.

Please visit CaringBridge here to read Chris’ latest blog on his recovery and this “race” and then click HERE to donate to this cause through his Special Needs Donations site.  Chris will be donating $1,000.00 to this cause or whatever is raised for it.  To learn more about this event, please visit this site.