Miami’s “Hidden Gem” at Wide Receiver


With Alpha wide receiver Brandon Marshall now out of the picture, the Miami Dolphins are very thin at wide receiver. Although Miami was thought to be looking for an upgrade at the number two spot, now Miami is faced with an even bigger task. With wide receivers Davone Bess and Brian Hartline sitting atop the depth chart, Miami is left with no true “number one” wide receiver. Dolphins fans everywhere are praying that Philbin and company have a “master plan”, similar to what Green Bay has done (Even though Greg Jennings is a top 10 wide out, GB still has no true no. 1 wide receiver).

During Phibin’s first interview, he spoke of “hidden gems” on this talented team. One could only help but wonder what this offensively minded head coach was thinking. Could it be Edmund “Clyde” Gates, or someone else at wide receiver due for a bigger role? As I was creating my mock a few days ago, it hit me, Roberto Wallace. For those who do not know #18, he is a physical specimen who has decent speed and route running ability (although he still has not truly developed his route tree). Roberto has amazing size at 6’4” 225lbs. To compare, Brandon Marshall is 6’4” 230lbs. Roberto is basically a Marshall clone without the attitude issues (If you go back and watch film of training camp, it’s hard to tell which one is Marshall 19 and which is Wallace 18). Why haven’t we heard much about Roberto Wallace? Simple, he has been nagged by injuries throughout his 3 year NFL career and has not been given a chance yet. YET is the key word. This kid obviously has the talent needed to be a good wide receiver, Miami always seems to bring this kid back (the same can be said for Marlon Moore) year in and year out.

Roberto has always been a player that I have admired, but it’s tough to say what can be expected from Mr. Wallace this year. It’s known around the league that a wide receiver’s third year is the pivotal “make it or break it” year. Could he be Philbin’s hidden gem at wide receiver? Possessing the key attributes needed to make the coaching staff think about putting this beast into the game, Roberto could begin producing this year! He has the size, strength and speed to be a number one wide receiver (again, very similar to Marshall). His size is very intriguing for a west coast style offense, and would be a good red-zone threat for Miami’s quarterback (whoever it turns out to be). Although dropping passes is an issue (again, Marshall!!!!), it can be improved easily. Hard work with his wide receiver coach will help Roberto with his focus and ability to track the ball. Staying healthy, fine tuning his game and producing is very important this season if he wants to remain a Miami Dolphin. I believe if given the opportunity, he can. For instance, during the pre-season against Atlanta, Wallace posted 3 receptions for 60 yards and 1 touchdown. Yes, it was a pre-season game. Yes, it was against second and third string players. BUT, this kid needs an opportunity. Now, I’m not saying Roberto Wallace will be the next Brandon Marshall, but I strongly believe that he needs a chance.

It’s no secret that the Miami Dolphins will be looking to add at least one receiver during the fast approaching NFL Draft. But whether or not the coaching staff has faith in the oft-injured Wallace, will determine how many receivers will be selected. Roberto Wallace could be in for a break out year.

Didn’t your momma tell you that everything happens for a reason? So have a little faith Miami Fans!!!