Dolphin Draft: Trading Down Makes Sense


I know we’ve all heard it before.  It’s a deep draft.  In 2012, it really is a deep NFL draft, especially for pass rushers and wide receivers, two major needs for the Miami Dolphins.  So why not trade down?  I’m all for it and I’m sure Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland is also itching to make a move on draft day.

Ryan Tannehill?  I don’t think so.  Why do the Dolphins HAVE TO GET this guy? Eighth overall?  There is only one no-doubter in this draft and his name is Andrew LuckRobert Griffin III?  His odds are slashed in half.  I can’t help but think of the 1998 draft, featuring Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf.  Griffin might meet the hype but I say his odds of reaching elite QB status, are at 50%.  Drafting quarterbacks is a crapshoot.  It just is.

The Dolphins HAD TO draft a quarterback last year.  After Cam Newton, what do we have?  While some of the 2011 QB class have not had their opportunity yet, I will venture to say that there are no elite QBs there.  Despite a brilliant rookie year, Newton is not a sure-shot either.  How about Pro-Bowler Andy Dalton?  He was outplayed by Matt Moore last year, undrafted Matt Moore, who only had 13 starts under his belt before last year.  Look at the numbers.

Remember Brady Quinn?  What I am saying is that you don’t spend a high first round pick on a question mark.  It is bad business.  Tannehill is a huge question mark.  It would be great if the Phins could draft him in the second round.  If it’s not possible, then let someone else buy this lottery ticket.

Now, let’s see what we can get for the eighth pick.

Buffalo and Jacksonville both need receivers.  This is a fact.  Pretend they both are enamored with Michael Floyd, Miami is not, and Floyd is available at eight.  Buffalo would have to give the Phins their 2012 4th and 6th round picks  to make up the 200 points between the 8th and 10th positions.  A fourth round pick can become someone like the explosive FIU receiver, T.Y. Hilton.  In the 10th slot, Ireland will still have his choice lineman, whether it be offensive (again?) or defensive.

How about the Arizona Cardinals?  They’re more QB desperate than the Dolphins.  They made the horrible choice of giving Kevin Kolb a franchise deal.  PhinPhans saw that one from a mile away.  Right?  We wanted no part of Kolb.  Or did we?  Regardless, Ireland chose Moore over Kolb.  What a fool.

Getting back to the point, let’s say the Cardinals want Tannehill bad and trade up.  The Dolphin brass would once again be bashed (is there a scenario where they won’t?) but we would receive Arizona’s 2012 3rd and 4th round picks.  Now we have the University of Miami’s Tommy Streeter, T.Y. Hilton, plus our full allotment of picks.  Ireland still gets his lineman and what the heck, we may be able to draft a quarterback in the second round.  Brandon Weeden anyone?