Is a QB a Good Idea in the 1st Round?


Now that the Free Agency period has pretty much ran its course and all top tier free agents and even second tier agents have found a home, some new and some old, teams are now turning full attention to the draft. The only “for sure” picks are the Indianapolis Colts at #1, who unless last minute are wooed by Robert Griffin III, will draft Andrew Luck. In turn, the Washington Redskins will draft Griffin with the second overall pick. From there it’s anyone’s guess. Everything that is mentioned on websites, ESPN, NFL Network and any other provider of NFL coverage are merely educated guesses. Some more educated then others. The one constant among all these guesses is the fact that they are different depending on who you ask.

One common opinion is the Miami Dolphins will draft a QB, namely Ryan Tannehill at #8 overall. Tannehill is considered the third best QB in the draft and has a strong relationship with Miami’s new Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman who was his head coach last year at Texas A&M. Many believe that this relationship will ultimately bring Tannehill to Miami as a number 3 or possibly number 2 QB, behind an experienced starter in either Matt Moore or David Garrard. Then again many thought Matt Flynn was a shoe in since he worked with new Head Coach Joe Philbin in Green Bay. Flynn eventually signed with the Seattle Seahawks, which more or less showed that Philbin did not have the confidence in him that everyone thought he did. So whats to say that the same thing won’t happen with with Tannehill? Maybe Sherman doesn’t have as much confidence in Tannehill like people think he does. Maybe the front office will say they have more important needs right now(which is what I’m hoping for).

Tannehill seems like he has a lot of pros and cons to his game. His quick feet, speed and knowledge of the offense are his top attributes. Being a former receiver he can evade if the pocket collapses as well as throw on the run like he will be asked to do in a West Coast Style Offense . His arm strength, experience and “touch” are a little lacking. With only 20 starts Tannehill really doesn’t’ have the experience most coaches look for in a future franchise QB.  With a total of only 20 starts Tennehill has not seen too much time in the trenches and could possibly start to show his inexperience in tough situations when the game is on the line.  Case in point, the New York Jets Mark Sanchez also had little experience compared to other QBs and has been under constant fire in New York from fans and players alike.  Will Tannehill draw the same bad press?  I don’t think Miami can stand anymore bad press, almost as bad as they can waste another 1st round pick on a QB that “might” one day be good enough.  Again this all might be for nothing if the Cleveland Browns use thier pick on him with the pick in the 4 spot.

The biggest problem with selecting Tannehill in the 1st round is the giant holes every where else on the field on both Offense and Defense.  By selecting a QB the Phins are stacking up a position that is already filled for the 2012 season and with another strong showing from Matt Moore possibly for the future.  Possibly.  The holes at wide receiver and at defensive end seem to be much more serious then adding another QB to the mix.  Not to mention the fact that there is no right side of the O-line, no safety, and a need for a play making free safety that Miami has been lacking for years.  Not all these holes can be filled by the draft of course but the greater needs should be filled first.  A QB doesn’t’t help if there’s no line to give him time.  Our defense will be picked apart by Tom Brady and Andy Dolton, who had productive seasons last year along with a few of the other QBs on our schedule, with out a pass rush or safety help over the top.

Only Miami’s GM Jeff Ireland and coaches really have any idea what direction they will go in, and we are going to have to wait and see.  I am far from being a GM, Head Coach, Scout or anybody else that should be making these type of decisions, and weather we like it or not we are going to have to deal with what ever picks they make.  I just find it hard to believe that the glaring holes at other positions are out weighed by the need for a position that is already filled.  Even with our back to back picks in the 3rd round, Miami needs to go with the best player available in the 1st round with the 8th draft pick and Tannehill is not going to be the best player available at that point, QB maybe but not player.