Miami’s New Gunslinger?


It is absolutely no secret that the Miami Dolphins are in the running to land former Texas A&M Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill in the fast approaching NFL Draft. There really is no logical reason that they shouldn’t be (I wasn’t on board with Tannehill, until Mike Mayock swayed me while praising the heck out this kid). Ryan has all of the intangibles to be a franchise guy, he just needs time to put it all together. Ryan’s arm is above average in velocity, accuracy, and touch. This kid could end up being the real deal. But, maybe he is a project. Maybe he is not ready to start right away. Heck, maybe Miami is not a good spot for Tannehill. But those “maybes” really don’t amount to much. Why? Drafting is all about hit and miss. Ryan Leaf was ready to step right in and lead whatever team drafted him to the playoffs, oh wait.

So let’s “travel into the future” and say Miami has selected QB Ryan Tannehill with their 8th overall selection.

Before reading the rest of this article, I would like you to write down on a piece of paper or even open up Microsoft Word, and write down how you would feel if this were to actually happen.

(NOTICE: I am predicting this based off of the talent on the current team as of TODAY, not ANY future players nor any future coaches)

With Matt Moore and David Garrard on the team at quarterback, Tannehill has at least one year to develop and “wait in the bullpen”. Having two starting caliber quarterbacks on the roster allows Miami’s coaching staff to take Tannehill “under their wing” for the season and coach him up. Let’s say for arguments sake, there are no injuries that occur throughout the remainder of this article. So given the strong defense that Miami boasts, not to mention the explosive running game, Matt Moore wins the starting gig and leads Miami to a 8-8 record (very realistic). Moore is a free agent after the season, given the fact that he led Miami to a .500 record, the staff decides to bring Moore back on a two year deal (Moore signs knowing Tannehill is the future). David Garrard amounted to nothing, and is getting too much money for a third string quarterback, both parties cut ties. With Garrard out of the picture, Miami selects a late round prospect in the 2013 draft and Tannehill is now second on the depth chart.

With a full season under his belt,Tannehill is now prepared to go head to head with Matt Moore for the starting role as commander of the offense. Tannehill wins the job. Tannehill and the new look Miami offense take the field. Being an athletic and savvy guy, Ryan can bail himself more time than Moore when dropping back. With a better deep ball and better accuracy, Tannehill allows Joe Philbin and Co. to take more shots down field. This being said, Miami’s new gunslinger has some growing pains. Half way through Tannehill’s first season as “the guy”, Miami is sitting at 3-4 (still in wild card contention). Tannehill and Co. now kick it into gear by wheeling off wins left and right, leading Miami to a respectable 10-6 season. Even after a remarkable season by Tannehill and the new look offense, Miami misses out on a wild card spot. Left with a disgusting taste in his mouth, Tannehill works his butt off to become a more developed and mature NFL quarterback. Philbin and Co. select weapons through the draft to help out the young budding star.

Now grasping the leadership role, Tannehill gets his players into position and knows where to put the ball at the right time. Suddenly Miami’s front office looks like a bunch of brain surgeons as Tannehill leads Miami to one of the best starts in franchise history at 6-2. Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas create too many mismatches for defenses late in the season, Miami rolls to a respectable 11-5 record. Miami makes the playoffs as a wild-card team as the fifth seed. With Tannehill running the show, Miami steam rolls into the AFC Championship game to play Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens. Flacco out duels Tannehill, and the Baltimore Ravens are AFC Champs. Tannehill promises revenge, this creates a new rivalry.

Now, although this is a complete fantasy, doesn’t it seem as though it could really happen? Why not? Miami has an above average offensive line. Jake Long, Richie Incognito, and Mike Pouncey will give Miami’s quarterback time in the pocket. Of course, the Dolphins are looking to solidify the right side of the line with a stud right tackle, most likely to happen either this year or next. Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas will give Miami an excellent one, two punch at running back (as long as both remain healthy and in shape). Versatile H-Back, Charles Clay will be used to perfection in Joe Philbin’s new offense. Also, Anthony Fasano is nothing to laugh about at tight end (Excellent hands, excellent route running, awesome run blocker, below average speed). Miami WILL select at least two receivers this year in the NFL draft. Even so, Davone Bess and Brian Hartline are excellent number two targets. Not to mention under rated talent with Edmund “Clyde” Gates, and unknowns in Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace. Miami’s offense has some hidden talent that, kindly stated, former head coach, Tony Sparano, could not uncover.

The thought of Ryan Tannehill leading the Miami Dolphins should become a reality once April’s draft blows by. Whether or not Miami trades up, trades back, or stays put, Tannehill should be atop their list. A potential franchise guy is what Miami needs, Tannehill is just that.

Now I would like you to read your notes and see if your opinion has been changed at all. If you would like, please leave me a comment below and explain your thoughts!

Always remember, have faith in our Phin’s!