Bell’s Release is Gonna Haunt the Dolphins


Even though it’s old news, the Miami Dolphins release of Safety Yeremiah Bell is back in the news again.  Like putting salt on an open wound, bringing up Bell’s release still makes many Miami fans shake their heads and wonder why.  Now even worse it looks like the Phins rivals are two of the top teams interested in Bell.  Many sources have reported that the New York Jets, New England Patriots and Philidelphia Eagles are all interested in his talents.

Even though “SOMEONE” decided that Bell was no longer worth the money and replaceable, apparently there a lot of teams that think he is worth it.  Bell led the Phins top 10 defense in tackles for the last two years and registered more then a 100 tackles every year since 2008.  A team captain, secondary signal caller, leader and veteran, Bell has a lot of attributes that these teams are looking for.  The Pats have a really young secondary that needs a strong veteran to lead the way and control the secondary’s play who came in second in giving up passing yards.  Bell would be playing opposite Free Safety Patrick Chung which could be a devastating combo in the secondary with both of them being heavy hitters.

The Jets have been lacking at the safety position the last couple of years and have been giving up yardage down the middle on short passes and haven’t been able to stop teams from running the ball either.  The Jets still have Jim Leonard coming back from injury, Eric Smith, and newly signed LaRon Landry who would all fit well with Bell as free safeties or swap with Bell at strong.

The Eagles have been stock piling talent since last year and are building a bulldozer of a team(if they can figure out how to play together anyway).  Looking to improve their defense, Bell would be a step up over Nate Allen or Kurt Coleman who is on the smaller side for a safety and an injury risk.  Bell would fit in great with the Eagles young, fast and hard hitting defense as a strong veteran leader that can help shape the younger players.

Best case scenario, Miami signs Bell back with a smaller contract, which apparently is not an option anymore according to Bell’s agent Drew Rosenhaus.  So next best is he signs with the Eagles, that way he strengthens a team that Miami doesn’t have to play next season or 2013 unless both teams make the Super Bowl.(Yeah right!)  Signing with the Jets is bad but they need a lot more then just a safety.  Worst case he signs with the Pats and immediately improves their defense to go along with a dominate offense.  With the luck that Miami has been having, he ends up with the Pats and haunts us for the next 2 or 3 years, racking up tackles and sacks against his former team who threw him to the curb as a reward for great play and even better leadership.  Bell’s release will eventually come back to haunt the Phins, especially Jeff Ireland.  Unless Tyrell Johnson has a break out Probowl year and makes everyone forget Bell’s name.  Always a possibility but not likely.