Dolphin Draft: The Great Tannehill Illusion


The Minnesota Vikings claim that the third pick in the 2012 NFL Draft is hot.  They say teams want to trade up to steal a player from the Cleveland Browns, who own the fourth pick.  There will be a lot of future stars remaining after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have been drafted.  Matt Kalil, Morris Claiborne, Trent Richardson, and Justin Blackmon are possibilities but the media continues to push the idea that Ryan Tannehill is the player that teams want to trade up for.  Of course, our Miami Dolphins are the team that 90% of draft pundits say will select the young quarterback from Texas A&M.

The Browns want you to think they’re torn between Richardson, Blackmon, and Tannehill.  Hey, if you want Tannehill, you better make a trade with the Browns.

The St. Louis Rams are open to trading down, if Tannehill is still available for pick number six.  Because the Dolphins want him so bad, you better take your shot.  Because if you need a franchise quarterback, you must go after him, no matter what the cost.

If he is available when the Dolphins are due to pick, he is gone.  No doubt.  Well, we’re almost sure.  Sort of.

I am not a Tannehill hater.  I think there is a chance he can succeed in football’s highest level.  My prediction is that he will not be drafted by Cleveland or Miami.  As you see, there are a lot of teams selling snake oil, including the Dolphins.

A sucker is born every day.  In 2009, the New York Jets traded up from 17 to 5, giving up their first and second round picks to the Browns, for quarterback Mark Sanchez.  In 2011, the Jacksonville Jaguars gave up their first and second round picks to the Washington Redskins for the right to move from 16 to 10, to acquire Blaine Gabbert.

The Phins could sure use another second round pick.

If Tannehill is drafted before Miami picks, it will only increase our chances of trading down, as a “safer” stud will likely be available.

Time to hype up Tannehill. You’re all doing it already. To those that say he would have been drafted behind USC’s Matt Barkley and Oklahoma’s Landry Jones, if they would have made themselves eligible for the 2012 draft, tell them shut up! We know more about Ryan now, he was underrated a few months ago. He is very athletic.

To those that say that if Brandon Weeden were younger, he would clearly be a better choice than Tannehill, tell them to keep it to themselves. Tannehill is so accurate.

To those that say that Luck and Griffin are filets and Tannehill is merely ground chuck, tell them it’s the best burger they will ever have.

Tell them Tannehill might end up being the best QB in this draft. Tell them the draft experts and general managers aren’t always right. Tell them Tannehill’s true projection as a second or even third rounder, is plain dumb. He could be the next Aaron Rodgers, who was passed over 23 times.

Spread the word. The Dolphins brass and the fans want Tannehill!

The Phins could sure use another second round pick.

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