Phins 7 Round Mock: Staff Prediction


Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft

Esteban Perez  (perezex)

Round 1 – Melvin Ingram, South Carolina, DE/OLB

Ryan Tannehill’s stock has been rising steadily since his pro day and has been getting support from many analysts.  The “new” idea that has been given voice over a few sites and networks, is that Cleveland would be foolish not to pick Tannehill at the 4 spot and upgrade their QB position.  Miami has holes all over the offense and defense and need as much help as they can get.  Cameron Wake is in the last year of his contract and if he has a year like last year, it will be his last as a Dolphin.  Miami needs a strong counter piece for him to rush from the other side and possibly replace him if he doesn’t produce serious numbers this year. Ingram would be a perfect fit for the 4-3/3-4 Hybrid Miami is expected to run.

Round 2 – Zebrie Sanders, Florida State, OT

Miami currently has no o-line on the right side and needs to address the issue quickly.  The QB won’t matter if hes running for his life again this season.  Most of the top O-Tackles will be gone in the 1st round but Sanders might be a sleeper in the second round.  Reported to have great feet and strong hands who pass and run blocks very well as well as pulls strong and quick.  Also know to hit hard and block well while pulling, which is common in a West Coast O with the boot legs and roll outs.  Needs to gain 20 to 30lbs to compete with NFL D-ends but easily done in the off season.

Round 3 – Brian Quick, Appalachian State, WR

Brandon Marshall’s trade to Denver left a gaping hole at receiver that needs to be filled for a powerful West Coast Offense to work.  The ball does get spread out more but the Defense still needs at least one threat to double up on or concentrate on to free up the other receivers.  Quick is very similar to Marshall at 6-4 220lbs, great hands and strength and no off field issues.  Openly admitted hes more worried about getting picked then about the money, which Ireland should like.  Not blazing fast with a 4.55 40 but can probably be improved on in the off season.  Hard worker and great routes.

Round 3 – Harrison Smith, Notre Dame, SS

Yermiah Bell has a good chance at coming back with a cheaper contract and will refill the Safety spot but he is still aging and in his twilight years.  Harrison has all the rough materials needed for a strong, fast hard hitting safety but needs work.  Sitting behind Bell and learning from him and Miami’s new D-coordinator Kevin Coyle and secondary coach Lou Anarumo.  Has the potential and size to replace Bell as a perfect copy in a couple of years.

Round 4 – Ladarius Green, La. Lafayette, TE

This years TE class is pretty slim but there are a few that stand out and Green seems to be looked over.  He’s tall and slim but can add weight in the off season.  He can work as a slot receiver which can be beneficial in an audible at the line or pull a safety down in to coverage in a wide set.  Good big hands at 10″ and can work the middle of the field.  Needs work on blocking but knows how to at least get in the way and blocks well in the secondary.  Also needed for a WCO to have more then one TE that can catch.  Good fit and replacement for Fasano.

Round 5– Janzen Jackson, McNeese St.,FS

If Trenton Robinson is available then Miami should snatch him up but he will probably be gone by this point, leaving them to go after Jackson.  Miami hasn’t had a decent FS in years bouncing between Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons who have been less then productive.  Jackson is said to be a freak of nature as an athlete and can play FS and Corner if he needs to which is great for a Nickle D or a defensive audible and zone coverage.  Has off the field issues but more attributed to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Needs work but an upgrade in the secondary that was picked apart last season.

Round 6 -Akiem Hicks, Regina, DT

Even though played college in Canada he was invited to the East/West Shrine game and NFL Combine proving he has the skills to play in the NFL.  Led his team in tackles and sacks his senior year as well as back field stops, implying he’s quick off the ball.  Huge wing span with long arms to get off blocks and size to clog holes at 6’5 318.  Can also get those arms up to break up passes.  Raw and inexperienced against proven talent and has a questionable motor but the upside to take the chance.  Also works well as a counter part to a serious and powerful tackle such as Soliai.

Round 7 – Jaymes Brooks, Virginia Tech, OG

Miami still needs linemen among other needs, but linemen are few and far between in free agency this year.  Brooks had a good showing his last 2 years and led his team in knockdown blocks.  Moves well and is stronger then he looks.  Lacks experience and needs coaching can possibly be a great back up or even starter with alot of coaching and practice.

Final Thoughts: Miami has started to resemble Swiss cheese with all the holes they have on both sides of the ball.  After the first 2 picks there are no viable options at QB, even though Tannehill is climbing the draft boards, but more because of lack of options more then talent. The Browns will likely snatch him if even nothing more to create competition at the QB position and push McCoy into better play.  There is still the chance that Jacksonville may trade up and take him as well. I don’t see Miami trading up or down and lose draft picks or lose position to gain more picks.  Miami needs help at a lot of positions, but I see them going after early draft picks that can immediately produce as starters like Ingram, Sanders and Quick.  While using later picks to back up starters and replacements for the future.  All can be changed with a surprise pick or trade and no one really know what will happen until crunch time.  Not even the front office will know exactly what will happen until the time comes.