NFL Sunday Ticket For $199.00


Yes, you read that headline right.  According to an Email I received, you can get NFL Sunday Tickets, the entire season for $199.00.  Here is the press release below.

Lowest NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ Price in More Than a Decade

Rewards Loyal DIRECTV Football Fans


Sponsors Webcast of 2012 NFL Draft to 

Highlight ‘Value Picks’ and New Package Pricing

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 19, 2012 – DIRECTV is rewarding its existing customers with the lowest price in almost a decade for its exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET package.

Current customers will pay only $199.95, more than 40 percent less than last year’s price, for the full slate of NFL 2012 regular season out-of-market game broadcasts along with the Game Mix channel and the Player Tracker feature. The new package is designed to make DIRECTV’s most popular sports subscription service available to as many customers as possible including those who experienced NFL SUNDAY TICKET for the first time last year.

And those customers who want access to an enhanced version of the package they can take with them wherever they go, can choose the newly branded NFL SUNDAY TICKET Max package, which offers popular features like RED ZONE CHANNEL, Short Cuts and online/mobile.

Recognizing that millions of customers will have access to NFL SUNDAY TICKET at an outstanding value, DIRECTV is sponsoring the LIVE: 2012 Draft Webcast April 26-28, and teaming up with analyst Michael Lombardi to name a line-up of sleeper “value picks” – those players who may have a major impact on their new team’s future success or failure.

“NFL SUNDAY TICKET is an incredible product and we want to make sure it is accessible and affordable to as many of our customers as possible, so we made the decision to dramatically lower the price,” said Alex Kaplan, vice president, Marketing for DIRECTV. “With these new package options we hope that those who had the service before will enjoy it again, and those who have not had a chance to subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET will take this opportunity to experience this fantastic service for the first time.”

DIRECTV’s unique “value picks” platform on is based on the fact that many of the league’s most successful players were names that went “under the radar” on draft day and ended up being the most valuable decisions ever made by their teams. When the 2012 NFL

Draft is complete, Lombardi will issue his definitive list of Top-10 “Value Picks” from the 2012 draft.  The 10 players chosen on the 2012 “All-Value” team will receive DIRECTV systems and one year of complementary DIRECTV® service, including NFL SUNDAY TICKET, so their families can follow all of the action during the players’ rookie seasons.

Current DIRECTV customers who purchase the 2012 NFL SUNDAY TICKET service for $199.95, will be able to watch every regular season game live every Sunday afternoon in HD, along with the Game Mix Channel that features up to eight live games on one screen complete with scores, stats and standings; Player Tracker, a must-have for fantasy fans who can follow player and team stats throughout the day; and highlights on demand.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX is available for $299.95 (and only $100 for existing NFL SUNDAY TICKET customers who want to upgrade) offers all the games in HD, Game Mix, RED ZONE CHANNEL, Short Cuts, online/mobile, Player Tracker, score/stats/standings and highlights on demand. For more information on the NFL SUNDAY TICKET offers visit