Majority of Mock Drafts Have Tannehill to Phins With 8th Pick


Well in 24 hours all our questions will be answered. The 2012 NFL Draft kicks off at 8 pm Eastern time and I feel like a kid before Christmas Morning.  Unfortunately there’s a really strong chance that I will be getting coal in my stocking.  After reviewing the majority of mock drafts and listening to NFL analyst’s critique the draft and teams for the last couple of months a it looks like the Miami Dolphins will select Ryan Tannehill in the 1st round.

Now I understand that mock drafts don’t mean much and that everyone has their own opinion and that fans have their own likes and dislikes.  But it’s hard to ignore that Tannehill has been brought up in every conversation about Miami and their 1st round pick.  Questions have continued to arise with many different answers.  Is he the best option for Miami? is he worth the pick?  Is he a top ten talent?  Honestly the answer to all of these questions is, NO.

Tannehill may or may not one day be a productive QB in the NFL, but Miami has taken this chance way too many time in the last 12 years of drafts.  I’m not gonna go down the line of horrible QBs that Miami has wasted time on, we all know who they are and that there’s a lot of them,  the point is that doing it again is a major mistake.  There’s a strong possibility that their desperate need for a franchise QB will cause them to over draft an inexperienced QB.  Its being said that Tannehill has loads of upside and so many tools and positive factors that it would be foolish to pass on him.  Well the same was said of JaMarcus Russell, who was considered the biggest bust of all time, and Ryan Leaf, who is facing 50 years in prison.  Not to mention that if Matt Barkley and/or Landry Jones had entered the draft then Tannehill would be a second if not third round pick.  I don’t think that lack of options is a good reason to draft a QB.

Miami should use their top ten pick on a top ten player.  There are so many holes that need to be filled with the draft that they should use the pick on the best possible player at one of those positions.  Miami needs a QB,WR, DE, OT, OG, CB, and Safety and there is going to be top ten talent at most of these positions availabe but QB is not one of them.  I know nothing is set in stone and Jeff Ireland might shock the world and pick a Defensive End or Wide Receiver but it doesn’t look that way.  I hope that I’m wrong and Tannehill is the next Dan Marino and leads the Phins to the Big Game, I really really do.  I want nothing more then this team to go all the way, I just don’t think Tannehill is going to be the man to do it.  Just preparing myself for the news.  Hope for the best but expect the worst.