Dolphin’s Fans Biggest Draft Need? Faith.


With the NFL DRAFT a mere hours away it’s easy to get caught up in all the speculation and debate about what the Miami Dolphins will do with the 8th pick overall. Since Jeff Ireland has been with the Dolphins many fans have felt his draft decisions have been, to say the least, disappointing. Last year the Miami Dolphins selected C Mike Pouncey, while he had a solid rookie season, many fans were initially upset with Ireland’s selection of another O-lineman rather than an impact player. This year dolfans may have to put our feelings, positive or negative, of Jeff Ireland aside and have faith he will get his new coaches the players that will bring success to this team.

It may not be easy, but it is important for us, fans, to try not to get to worked up over the picks made this weekend. We have to keep perspective. When the Dolphins are on the clock any name can be called, but no matter who it is, the impact they make on the team will not be able to be measured until at least the pre-season. After all the selections have been made it will be easy to be overly quick to judge the selections Joe Philbin, Ireland and  co. decide to make. Remember, Ireland wants to keep his job, he will do what he thinks will bring this team the most success. Whether the 8th pick is QB Ryan Tannehill or DE Quinton Coples, whether the Phins trade up or down, the virtue we will all need to practice is patience.

Today marks yet another new era in Dolphin’s history. The picks Miami makes today and over the weekend will illuminate the direction the team will be moving in under Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman. There is a little bit of a dark cloud over our beloved franchise right now, but one good draft can lead to a winning season. Nothing brings respect to a franchise more than winning. So, everyone relax and enjoy the draft. Let’s try to be as patient and as positive as we can be. The future of the Dolphins may find it’s foundation in this draft class. We all bleed aqua and orange, we all need faith.

In the comments section tell us who you think the Dolphins should take this weekend. Phin’s up!