Final 7 Round Miami Dolphins Mock Draft


With the NFL Draft just hours away (I don’t know if you’re as excited as I am!!), I thought it would be the perfect time to reveal my final seven round mock draft for the Miami Dolphins.

First Round: 8th Overall, Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M.

This is a given in my eyes. As long as Tannehill is on the board, Miami should have no problem putting all of their marbles in the pot for this kid.

Scenario Two: Safety Mark Barron, Alabama.

If Ryan Tannehill is taken before Miami is up to bat, which seems highly unlikely, the Dolphins need safety help, so what better way than to revamp the back end of your secondary with the best safety to come out of college since Eric Berry?

Second Round: 42nd Overall, Defensive End Andre Branch, Clemson.

With Cameron Wake currently not attending Voluntary Mini Camps and work outs, Miami has a gaping hole at defensive end. Although Wake will surely be back with the team soon, no ego there – he just wants the money he deserves, Miami will look to team wake with another relentless pass rusher in Andre Branch. Although it looks like Miami will be choosing between Vinny Curry and Andre Branch, Branch gets the edge based upon the talent level he played against in college.

Scenario Two: Quarterback Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State

If Tannehill, who seems to be Miami’s “guy”, is off the board when Miami selects at 8, Brandon Weeden should be there in round 2. “Weeds” has everything needed to be successful in the big time, but his age is holding him back. Miami could snag their quarterbacks for both sides of the ball in the first two rounds.

Third Round: 72nd Overall, Safety George Iloka, Boise State.

With Miami taking Tannehill and Branch with their first two selections, one of the biggest needs left is safety. Iloka is a rangy ball-hawk who can cover tight ends in the NFL. Although I believe Iloka’s best days in the NFL will be at outside linebacker, there is no reason Miami cannot use his versatility on defense.

Scenario Two: Tight End, Dwayne Allen, Clemson.

If Miami decides to go the route of Barron and Weeden, Weeds is going to need some targets on offense. As they say, “The tight end is a young quarterback’s best friend…” No explanation needed.

Third Round: 73rd Overall, Wide Receiver Tommy Streeter, Miami Florida.

The Dolphins take a chance dipping into some home grown talent in Streeter, and pray that it will pay off. Streeter has all of the tools to be a top receiver in the NFL. With all of the tools in his tool box, some have compared this kid to NFL Great Randy Moss based upon potential. The phins could pass and hope Streeter makes it into round 4, but his upside is too great to pass up on.

Scenario Two: Offensive Tackle, Zebrie Sanders, Florida State.

Sanders fits the bill of what Philbin and Co. want in their offensive linemen (Athletic, strong, quick guys). Sanders looks to be the right tackle Miami is so desperately in need of. Solid selection.

Fourth Round: 103rd Overall, Offensive Lineman, Senio Kelemete, Washington.

Kelemete is someone who most analysts cannot figure out. He is a big, athletic, strong guy who does need some work. But, he will be a starter from day one and has the versatility to play either tackle or guard.

Scenario Two: Wide Receiver, Marvin McNutt, Iowa.

McNutt is someone who I cannot understand how he is so far down draft boards. The kid produces. Although at times he seems disinterested and bored, the kid is a baller.

Fifth Round: 145th Overall, Cornerback, Leonard Johnson, Iowa State.

Selecting Johnson here is based on potential and a depth need at corner. Johnson has impressed me especially after seeing him go toe to toe with Oklahoma State Receiver Justin Blackmon. This kid has true star potential. With Sean Smith’s contract expiring after this season and a questionable (possible if they take this kid) move to safety seeming imminent, Johnson could be starting as soon as next season.

Scenario Two: Cornerback, Chase Minnifield, Virginia.

The fifth round is where Miami will take a corner, regardless of what direction they go in during the first four rounds. Both Minnifield and Johnson have high ceilings and could develop into excellent number two corners opposite Vontae Davis.

Sixth Round: 196th Overall, Linebacker, Vontaze Burfict, Arizona State.

Hear me out before you throw your computer or phone, the kid is a straight baller. Burfict’s stock has fallen from a top ten pick, to the third round, to the fifth, to possibly not getting drafted. His football instincts are off the charts. Scouts say he’s not that strong, he’s not that fast, he’s not that quick, does that remind you of anyone? Miami needs to get meaner on defense. A fiery Channing Crowder was a staple for our defense, even though he was terrible. Give this kid a few years, he will be knocking heads off.

Scenario Two: Running Back, Vick Ballard, Mississippi State.

Ballard is a hard-nosed down hill runner who has a Clinton Portis type of shifty speed. Ballard would help Miami with depth at the running back position and could be an excellent third down back.

Seventh Round: 215th Overall, Wide Receiver, Gerrell Robinson, Arizona State.

Miami ends the draft by taking two ASU players. Robinson has always impressed me with his big frame. He seems like he can be a good target in the red-zone and he runs average routes. With some coaching and hard work, this kid could shine in Miami’s west coast offense.

Scenario Two: Linebacker, Najee Goode, West Virginia.

Miami has no true middle linebacker to play in the new 4-3 scheme, in steps Najee Goode. Although this kid is raw, I feel like he could start mid way through the season in the mike spot, and produce big numbers. He is a relentless wrecking ball, who over runs plays at times but no doubt has a knack for getting to the ball carrier.

Round up:

Mock #1:

1 -Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

2- Defensive End, Andre Branch, Clemson

3- Safety, George Iloka, Boise State

3- Wide Receiver, Tommy Streeter, Miami Florida

4- Offensive Lineman, Senio Kelemete, Washington

5- Cornerback, Leonard Johnson, Iowa State

6- Linebacker, Vontaze Burfict, Arizona State

7- Wide Receiver, Gerrell Robinson, Arizona State

Back Up Plan:

1- Safety, Mark Barron, Alabama

2-Quarterback, Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State

3- Tight End, Dwayne Allen, Clemson

3- Offensive Tackle, Zebrie Sanders, Florida State

4- Wide Receiver, Marvin McNutt, Iowa

5- Cornerback, Chase Minnifield, Virginia

6- Running Back, Vick Ballard, Mississippi State

7- Linebacker, Najee Goode, West Virginia

Bottom line is that I would not have problem with either of these drafts.  Both are structured to fit a certain quarterback, which seems to be the center piece of Miami’s draft plan. Trust in Miami’s plan, trust in the Front Office. Have a great draft party, be safe and have fun!

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