Tannehill Is NOT A Converted WR


If you are one of those fans who believe some of the idiots who call themselves “reporters” when they say that new Miami Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill is a converted WR, then you, like them, are wrong.  Why?  Because he isn’t a converted WR.  He is a converted QB.

Let’s go back about four years ago.  Tannehill is a top QB prospect that commits to Texas A&M.  As a QB.  The Aggies already have a QB but head coach Mike Sherman sees the athletic upside of Tannehill and can’t see the benefit of leaving him on the bench, holding a clipboard.  Knowing that his team had a thin receiving corp, Sherman asked Tannehill to play WR instead of QB.

These Miami Dolphins are a different bunch than the Bill Parcells teams of the last four years.  There is no “me”.  There is only team.  Evidence to support that comes in the form of Brandon Marshall being traded to Chicago.  Joe Philbin preaches team first mentality.  Something he learned from Mike Sherman in Green Bay and something Mike McCarthy continues today.  It’s why you don’t see Greg Jennings as a diva receiver.

I bring that up for the simple fact that despite Tannehill’s desire to be a QB, he agreed to change positions when others may have changed schools instead.  For two seasons Tannehill gave everything he had to be a WR and in the process, he learned how to read defensive coverage schemes.  Something most QB’s can’t understand from a WR perspective.  Then, Sherman kept his word and moved Tannehill to the QB spot.

Yes, RT is raw.  He has some learning to do and the transition to the speed of the NFL won’t be easy but the learning of the playbook will be.  It’s the same one he knew in Texas.  Of all the QB’s in this years draft, Tannehill has the best shot at picking up an NFL offense quickly.  Success is a different story.  The Dolphins say that he will compete with David Garrard and incumbent starter Matt Moore.  Both of the veteran QB’s are learning a new offense.  Keep that in mind.

The pick has not been overwhelmingly popular from both fans and media.  The same media who for months said that the Dolphins “had” to draft the kid.  For the first time in 29 years the Dolphins have selected a QB in round 1 and while it may end up being a failure, the fact that they swung at the fences should be enough to warrant patience and excitement.

Unlike previous years, should this pick become a failure, the Dolphins will not be “set back” as much as they would have in previous years.  The salary cap for rookies puts the 70 million dollar deals out of the picture and now more than ever, rookies have to prove themselves more than in the past.  If the Dolphins fail to produce a franchise QB in Tannehill, then they can move on with simply wasting a first round pick.

To me, this is a perfect fit for a team that is installing a new offense, a new mentality, and a new philosophy.  All with new coaches.

You may not agree with the pick and believe me that is absolutely your right and I fully understand it.  I for one would have been upset at Quinton Coples while others believe he would have been a better option.  But let us be clear on one thing when you make your argument…Ryan Tannehill is NOT a converted WR.  He is a team player who did what his coach asked him to do, and in the process, learned to read defensive coverage schemes from a position most QB’s never get the opportunity to see first hand.