What About Matt Moore


Last night the Miami Dolphins selected Ryan Tannehill in the first round of the draft.  Not a very popular pick, but an attempt at a QB of the future, at least thast what we all thought.  According to Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross, via NFL Network, they did not draft a QB in the first round for him to sit on the bench. Translated into, Tannehill might very well be starting at QB come September.  So what about present starter Matt Moore?

Even after a great showing last season no one seems to have any confidence in Moore as a starter, or QB for the future.  Is Moore a franchise QB?  Can he be the future for Miami?  Who knows?  No one can say one way or the other for sure.  Moore came in to replace injured Chad Henne in game 4 last season with almost no snaps with the 1st team.  He did lose the next four games but not due to his play, there was the pass interference interception the Darrel Revis ran back, the Miami got “Tebowed” against Denver, and there are other reasons that Miami lost but they were not due to his play.  He then went on to win 3 in a row and finished the season at 6-10.  Had the best QB rating, and the only QB to throw 3 TDs in a game since Chad Pennington.

Moore played his butt off and took a beating with the speed bumps playing the right side of the line allowing him to get sacked 36 times.  Not to mention , Moore would have thrown for at least 6 more TDs if Brandon Marshall, Anthony Fasano, and Devone Bess hadn’t dropped a few important passes.  Just like when Moore played for the North Carolina Panthers, he wasn’t getting much help and had to do a lot on his own.  NC had no receivers, running game, o-line or defense when he was there not to mention his injury.  Miami is a lot better then that team but the point is he needs some help.  Time to throw the ball, receivers catching passes and defense not giving up points.

Moore may not be the future, he may fall short next season if he gets the start, but give the man a chance, he has definitely earned it.  He showed last year that he wants to and can play.  With a little help from the o-line, the receivers and the defense, Moore might be able to get it done.  The team has been asking fans to have faith in them and their decisions, I bet some of the players are asking for faith from their front office.

No one knows who is gonna start until that day in Houston, and who knows, David Garrard might step up and beat both of them out for the starting job(Not really but had to say it).  Matt Moore deserves that start as long as he performs well in the off season.  I am 100% against sitting a first round pick, that why I didn’t agree with Tannehill, but Moore has played hard and earned his spot.  Let him prove himself, give him the faith that teams like the NY Jets put in QB Mark Sanchez, or the Dallas Cowboys put in QB Tony Romo.  They have both failed to produce but they have been given time to prove themselves.  Let Moore show us if he can play.  All he asked for was a fair shot.