Miami Dolphins Like Oregon Ducks?


One of our readers asked me what Todd McShay had said when he ranked the Miami Dolphins’ draft haul as the fifth best in the league.  I knew the gist of what he said but I went back to the video to properly quote him.  McShay said, “I’m a big believer that Ryan Tannehill is going to wind up being a quarterback that’s going to start in this league and be very good and this is the perfect situation for him.”

Then he goes on to say something curious, “The Miami Dolphins, knowing that they’re trying to speed things up to become a fast pace Oregon Ducks type of NFL team, they brought in players that fit that mold.”

Oregon Ducks offense?  This is the first time I heard about that.

Oregon’s “Blur” is a hurry-up offense that is geared toward starting a play every 15 seconds.  It is a combination of the option, spread, and pistol offenses.  Last year the Ducks were third in the nation in points per game (46.1) and fourth in yards per game (522.8).  The Blur, like the Miami Dolphins’ “Wildcat” once was, is the hot offensive trend in football.

I’m assuming that when McShay says the Dolphins want to be like Ducks, he means they will raise their tempo, not necessarily use Oregon’s plays.

While we have recently seen fast-paced offenses in the NFL, such as Peyton Manning’s Colts in certain situations, the no-huddle scheme has been around for a while.  In fact, the Buffalo Bills, spear-headed by Jim “Machine Gun” Kelly used the no-huddle exclusively during their four-year Super Bowl run (1990-93).

Do the Dolphins have the personnel for that?

Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller can definitely play the part of the Bills’ Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas but do we have a Jim Kelly on the roster?

McShay thinks we do.

Coach Erik Spoelstra wants the Miami Heat to play like the Oregon Ducks but can Joe Philbin do the same with the Miami Dolphins?

It’s going to be an exciting year in South Florida.

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