A Super-Hero for Each NFL Team, Part Two


It’s time to assign comic book Super-Hero or Super-Villain ambassadors to the remaining NFL teams.  We have named the first 14 team representatives in A Super-Hero for Each NFL Team, Part One.

I’d like to thank all the readers that submitted suggestions and let’s move on to our Miami Dolphins.

15. Miami Dolphins – Aspen Matthews, suggested by Sasha33

The heroine of Fathom can manipulate water like Iceman, create and control tsunamis like Storm, heal like Wolverine, and she is also a telepath.  This marine biologist is also sizzling hot as she is set to be played by Megan Fox in a future production.

16. San Francisco 49ers – Magneto, suggested by comic artist, Rich Bailey

In their search for fine metal, they are led by the master of metal.

17. Denver Broncos – Beta Ray Bill, suggested by Whyda

He looks like Thor with a horse head.

18. Baltimore Ravens – Batman, suggested by Kris the Ravens’ Fan

The Raven and the Bat share darkness.

19. St. Louis Rams – Hellboy, suggested by Rich Bailey

He has horns.

20. Houston Texans – Jonah Hex, suggested by Rich Bailey

21. Chicago Bears – URSA Major

He may be the only bear in comic books.  I know he’s Russian but he could very well live in Chi-town.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Corsair, suggested by Rich Bailey

Who would have thought that Cyclops’ father was a pirate?

23. Tennesee Titans – Solomon Grundy

Galactus was suggested but we had to keep this on a level playing field.  Grundy has bluish skin and while not a titan, this zombie is titanic.

24. Detroit Lions – Sabretooth

25. Cincinnati Bengals – Tigra, suggested by Rich Bailey

26. Indianapolis Colts – Super-Horse

Supergirl’s best friend is a white colt.

27. Washington Redskins – Flash, suggested by Whyda

The color scheme fits and Robert Griffin III is fast.

28. Buffalo Bills – Bane

Bane is a hot topic right now and he fits nicely as a massive animal.

29. Arizona Cardinals – Avenging Angel

He is basically the X-Men’s Angel with a red outfit.

30. Seattle Seahawks – Namor, the Sub-Mariner

While being a sea-lover, Namor can fly.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars, Cheetah

The Jags get the Legion of Doom’s feline enchantress.

32. New England Patriots – Lex Luthor

Perfect politician for a team that can’t be trusted.

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