Miami Dolphin Jake Long On The Hot Seat?


Attention Miami Dolphins fans, OTA’s are officially under way! You all know what that means, the 2012-2013 NFL season is officially in full swing. Rookies and Veterans both took the field yesterday, and from what I have been reading while website hopping, the rookies meshed very well with the veterans.

Now, on to something I have been meaning to sound off on for quite some time. As we all know, if you are not aware – here’s your insight, the Miami Dolphins selected former Stanford Left Tackle, Jonathan Martin with the 42nd pick in April’s draft. Most analysts questioned whether or not Martin would be able to hold up as a Left Tackle in the NFL. A big reason most questioned Martin’s ability to become an elite blind-side protector is Martin’s lack of strength. Perfect. Miami needed a right tackle to “replace”, and I say that very loosely, recently retired RT Marc Colombo.

Apparently when Miami selected an offensive lineman who is better suited for right tackle, but has been playing left tackle for the past four years at Stanford, Miami’s Stud Left Tackle, Jake Long, is now expendable.

Take a long look at this article written by Dan Hanzus on

So, when Miami selected Jonathan Martin in the second round, they selected Martin to be Long’s eventual replacement? No. Miami chose Martin to be their right tackle. With two bookend tackles, Miami instantly has one of the most athletic and ferocious offensive lines in the NFL. Let’s not forget that Miami not only has Long, who quite possibly is the best left tackle in the NFL when healthy, they also have a young center in Mike Pouncey and now a young right tackle in Martin.

Jeff Ireland clearly killed any speculation that Jake Long was on the outs by stating that Martin was brought in to be the right tackle, NOT a left tackle when asked about the situation. Or so we thought….

As I was scrolling around yesterday as I normally do in my free time, I noticed an article about Jake Long on the hot seat in Miami. Yet again, on

Once again, writers and media members are reading too much in to the selection of Jonathan Martin. Marc Sessler describes Long as a “mauler” and more of a “power” type lineman. True, but Long is undoubtedly the best Left Tackle in the NFL when healthy. Long is an all around perfect fit in any type of system. Be it power, finesse, zone or any other type of blocking scheme or type. Therefore I don’t understand the argument on this subject.

Miami fans, do not read too much into any articles claiming that Jake Long may be on the outs in Miami, or that Long is on the hot seat.  A simple rule, “You don’t get rid of an elite player for any reason.” Long is the true leader of this Miami Dolphins team. And as long as Jake Long remains atop the Left Tackle rankings in the NFL, Jake Long will be a Miami Dolphin.

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