Five Reasons Why The Dolphins Are Better Than The Jets


Here are five reasons why the Miami Dolphins will be better than the New York Jets in 2012:

1. Better Quarterback Situation

Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill are better than Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.  Mark Sanchez is arguably the worst quarterback in the league.  Mike Tannenbaum‘s decision to give him an extension is absurd.  As limited as Tebow is, he’s better than Sanchez, who is the second-coming of Matt Leinart.  The only problem is that Tebow is no Kurt Warner.  Yes, I left out David Garrard.

2. Better Running Back Situation

Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, and Lamar Miller, are each better than any Jet running back.  The group of Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight, Bilal Powell, and Terrance Ganaway is atrocious.  They’ll miss LaDanian Tomlinson.  The Phins have two gamebreakers in Bush and Miller.

3. Better Offensive Scheme/Leadership

Last year, the Dolphins were 22nd in total offense and the Jets were 25th.  The Dolphins added Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman while the Jets added Tony Sparano.  The Phins are transitioning to a West Coast offense that does not cherish field goals while the Jets plan to run more.  While less pass attempts for Sanchez is good, we already discussed the impotent Jet running talent.

4. Comparable Defense

While the Dolphins’ offense was better than the Jets’ offense last year and will be better again in 2012, the gap between the defenses is negligible.  Last year, the Dolphins ranked 3rd against the run and 6th in points allowed, while the Jets ranked 13th and 20th, respectively. In total yards allowed, the Jets ranked 5th and the Dolphins were 15th.  The Achilles’ heel for the Phins was the pass defense, which will be improved by new defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.  Expect the Dolphin defense to be top 10 in every category this year.

5. Superior Team Character

The Phins are chock full of players that were team captains in college.  The one character blemish on the roster, Brandon Marshall, was shipped away and the 2012 Dolphins are poised to have a harmonious locker room.  On the other hand, the Jets imploded last year and many of the problem children remain.  The addition of Tebow may help but when a player like Antonio Cromartie is not among  your biggest problems, your roster is volatile to say the least.  Rex Ryan does not help.

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