Adam Schein Is…Idiot Of The Week!


Is it appropriate to use the word “Douche’bag” here?  I don’t know but rarely will I step out of the realm of professionalism so instead I will simply use the word…idiot.  I know, it doesn’t have the same “ring” to it, but sinking to the level of one Adam Schein isn’t exactly my cup of tea either.  See, every once in awhile, someone just finds a way to ignorantly piss in my Cheerios.  You know the type.  That “idiot” who tosses his gum onto the sidewalk or fails to clean up after his dog.  Thus making you scrape stuff off your shoes.

Today, that person is Adam Schein of FoxSports.  Earning himself the first plaque for “Idiot of the Week!”

Schein is one of the worst sports journalists on the internet.  His loathing of the Miami Dolphins sometimes makes me wonder if he personally has a grudge against the team of course in reality he is a Jets fan and that means his professionalism and knowledge is of course limited.  For awhile now, Schein has taken shots at the team through his blog.  Everything from his hatred of the 1972 undefeated Dolphins media coverage to the carousel of QB’s on the Dolphins roster.  Hey idiot…FYI…when you bring up the 72 team don’t criticize them for the attention they get in the media…you started it!

Amazingly, for all his journalism background (I have to assume that he has at least a middle-school yearbook resume) he can’t seem to ever put forth an effort to act like a professional journalist.  Of course that would actually mean he is one.  Aside from the fact that he get’s paid, I assume not very much judging by his choice of ties, he rarely if ever can put together commentary that actually makes sense.

In the video below, we get to see Adam Schein once again take to his pulpit and ridicule Stephen Ross for the teams decision to go on HBO’s Hard Knocks.  He ridicules Ross, Ryan Tannehill, and HC Joe Philbin all in one short little clip.  No, I didn’t edit this for content.  Schein has to have naked images of someone over at Fox.  Who else would give him a job?

The reality is that for whatever reason, this tiny little person feels the need to stand on a box and grossly over exaggerate some point that he has tucked behind is skull.  I often wonder if his loud bravado is to make up for…never mind.  Without further adieu here is this weeks “Idiot”.  Adam Schein.