Bring Chad Ochocinco To The Miami Dolphins


Well, I hate to be one of “those guys”, but I’ll say it…..Bring Chad Ochocinco to Miami, please! According to numerous acquaintances close to the former pro bowl receiver, Chad would like to make a pit stop in south beach to play for the Miami Dolphins.

Here’s a link:

So, I bet you’re sitting there thinking that I am a complete imbecile and I know nothing about the game, right? Well let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of my point.

WHY!? Chad was at the top of his game while playing in Cincinnati for years, ten to be exact. The twelve year vet is aging, yes. He also is not what he used to be. BUT, Chad was once one of the best receivers in the National Football League. How? He ran crisp and precise routes, and had a set of hands that were almost unheard of.

Chad Ochocinco, soon to be Chad Johnson (finally) on July 4th, 2012, would be an excellent mentor on the technique of the position. CHAD OCHOCINCO A MENTOR!? Not so fast. We all know he is a diva receiver, they can’t make them all humble like Andre Johnson! Miami has a plethora of young talent at wide receiver, but they all have troubles with route running. Enter in Mr. Ochocinco. Chad can teach these younger men how to run precise routes and how to properly catch the football.

Chad was very quiet last year, which may have been because of Hoodie, but that doesn’t mean Chad doesn’t have his swag anymore. Miami wouldn’t need Chad’s headache that he would bring (possibly bring), but they do need to fill the stands and have an identity on offense. What better way than Chad Ochocinco catching touchdown passes and screaming, “KISS THE BABY!” or “CHILD PLEASE!”?

He’s old though… Isn’t he?

Still think he’s too old and slow to separate?

Still? You know that was on Revis, right? The “best corner” in the game…

Realistically I could do this all day. Chad Ochocinco is a straight “baller” and deserves credit. Yes, he didn’t amount to much last season in New England. But New England runs a complex style of offense that never really fit his style of play. The west coast system of Miami will fit Chad perfectly. Why?

  1. He doesn’t have to go deep and get separation.
  2. He runs great short routes.
  3. He can rack up the YAC as good as anyone in the NFL.

Bringing in Chad Ochocinco would give Miami TWO wide receiver coaches. So, why not Jeff Ireland and company, why not?

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Update : According to Jason LaCanfora of, Chad Ochocinco will work out for the Miami Dolphins this upcoming week sometime!!