Miami Dolphins’ Next Big Thing: Ryan Tannehill


The positive reports are piling up and Ryan Tannehill might just be the Miami Dolphins’ next big thing.  In an interview with the NFL Network’s NFL Total Access, Reggie Bush expressed supreme confidence in the rookie quarterback, “Ryan Tannehill, he’s a really good quarterback, he’s very smart.”  Bush’s strong praise further fuels the belief that Tannehill will be the starter when the Phins open the season against the Houston Texans.

That possibility brings a smile to my face.  I’m greedy.  I don’t want a project.  I don’t want a steady performer.  I want Dan Marino.  I want Lebron James.  I want Albert Pujols.  I want Wayne Gretzky.  All players that were elite performers immediately upon becoming professionals.  Say what you will, but the truly great ones are always great.

So far, all the news is good.

In 2008, Mike Sherman became the Texas A&M head coach and placed Tannehill, who was a redshirt freshman, third on the quarterback depth chart, behind Stephen McGee and Jerrod Johnson.  Tannehill felt there was more he could do for his team and opted to be a receiver.  He went on to break school freshman records for receptions (55) and yards (844).  He was only 42 yards away from breaking the all-time school record.  He wasn’t allowed to be the team’s best quarterback so he became their best receiver.  Through it all, he proclaimed he was team’s best signal-caller and went to every quarterback meeting.  Two years later, he received his opportunity and proved that Sherman had made a mistake.

Sherman isn’t going to make the same error twice.

Today, he continues to show leadership and ability, earning his teammates’ trust.  You say the off-season workouts mean nothing?  They told us Pat White was a bust.  Luckily, Tannehill has been the polar opposite.

The NFL Network’s Heath Evans believes Tannehill can be better than Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, “If you wanted to build a quarterback, you’d build him with that arm strength, his frame, athleticism, mental understanding of the game, and his base foundation.  You give a great foundation to Joe Philbin to build on.”

When asked if Tannehill could lead the Dolphins to the playoffs, Bush responded, “It’s been done before and I believe [Tannehill] can do it.”

Many, including myself, believed the Dolphins rolled the dice out of desperation but as we focus in on Ryan Tannehill, he seems to have more shine than anticipated.

Like I said, Mike Sherman made the mistake before and he’ll make sure his new team doesn’t underestimate the young arm from Big Spring, Texas.

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