Changes Coming To Dolphins Playing Of Fight Song


Our “Idiot of the Week” Rob Kelley will tell you that changing the fight song will make you one of the worst owners in the NFL.  I disagree which isn’t a huge surprise.  I’m not an idiot so thinking on those terms is usually not something I am able to do.  Earlier this week Stephen Ross talked with season ticket holders for about 45 minutes.  Earlier today I spoke about the possibilities of changing the teams logo.  Then, a short couple hours later, I introduced you to the above mentioned Kelley.

As promised in that first article this morning, I am going to talk about the fight song.  And likely piss off a few more of our much appreciated and loved readers.  Sorry.

There is nothing like being in Miami on gameday.  It’s a great experience.  Winning would be a lot of fun and make the long 3.5 hour drive home much more enjoyable but you can’t really take away the atmosphere that surrounds Miami Dolphins football on Sunday’s.  The vast number of tailgating fans in the parking lot, the loud music booming from both sides of the outside stadium concourse, the south Florida feel of a never ending party.

Then you come inside and at some point, you are hit with the debate.  Which song should the Dolphins use?  Jimmy Buffet’s remake of “Fins” or the old 70’s style “Miami Dolphins Number 1”?

It’s a huge argument at times in the stadium.  So much so that when “Fins” plays, there are groups of fans who scream the old song.  Now apparently Stephen Ross is going to do a little tweaking of his own.  According to him, the Dolphins will play the “Fins” fight song when the team is behind or tie the ball game.  They will play the old fight song, whenever the team is winning, takes the lead, or wins the game.   Thereby making them of course, number 1.

I think this is a very fair approach to getting both elements into the stadium.  Personally, I like the “Fins” song and when the Dolphins score I find myself more energized by that song than the old version.  Conversely, when the team is leading or wins, I find that the old song does personally work better on me than “Fins”.  Which is why I am 100% on board with this move.

Most fans equate “Fins” with celebrity owners and losing.  The fact is that Buffet came on board with Landshark Stadium naming under Wayne Huizenga and Ross is simply guilty by association and continuance of use.  The “Fins” song also hasn’t been around long despite the thought to the contrary.  It came about in 2009.  The Miami Dolphins have been losing much longer than that.  In fact you could move your mouse back another 5 years to 2004 under the “Miami Dolphins Number 1” fight song.  The fact is that the song “Fins” is not equal to the Dolphins losing.  The team is.

The break-up of the two songs on gameday is overdue.  The only thing I have noticed over the past few years was the team tended to play the old song after field goals and the “Fins” song after touchdowns and wins.  So in reality, Stephen Ross is giving the fans more of what they want.  Hearing the old fight song means the team is winning or won.  Hearing the “Fins” song means the fans need to get louder, rowdier, and pump some life into that stadium.  “Fins” does that for me, the old song doesn’t.   I want to get loud when I hear “Fins”.  I want to know we are number 1 when I hear the old fight song.

In my opinion, there is more than enough room for both.  As it should be.

Listen to the two songs and then tell us what you think.

Traditional Fight Song

T-Pain Re-Make

Buffet “Fins”  – note:  on game-days only a small portion of the song is played this is the full video of Buffet’s “Fins” re-score.

What do you think?