Rob Kelley Is…The Idiot Of The Week


Here at we have our own forum.  You can join it and bust the chops of other Dolphins fans by clicking on the “forum” button on the top menu.  That does not however mean that I do not scour the great Miami Dolphins forums on other sites. (check our links up top for the sites)  Why?  Simple, we do what we do for those that read our site and those are Miami Dolphins fans so it’s naturally a good idea to see what the fans are talking about.  Which is why I frequent other forums.  It’s also why I enjoy finding things to write about.

This week I want to thank my friends over at for bringing my attention to Rob Kelley of ThePigSkinReport.  Allowing me once again to present all of you with our “Idiot of the Week”.

While Kelley is no Adam Schein in terms of ascending to the level of “douchebag”, he is still an idiot.  At least for the purpose of this weeks title.

Apparently, Kelley and his little read site felt the need to join some of the other media dopes and take yet another stab at the Miami Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross when he declared,

Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Is Drastically Ruining His Own Franchise

"Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is hands down the worst owner in the National Football League, and he is drastically ruining his own franchise in a pace that would make Donald Sterling look like George Steinbrenner."

Those are very strong words from a simpleton.  The worst owner in the NFL?  I would still put several others far ahead of Ross in that department.  No, I don’t think he is one of the worst or one of the best.  I simply realize he is new.  Just like every other NFL owner was at one time or another.  Let’s breakdown some of what our “Idiot of the Week” has to say, so you don’t actually have to support him by going to his site to read his garbage.

"Ross would be linked to someone who would rather look good than play good. He says that he cares about the fans and about bringing back a winning product to South Beach. Clearly, he is lying."

Clearly!  I mean, clearly this is an absolute fact because he, our “Idiot of the Week” doesn’t bother to give any supporting evidence to that fact leaving us to simply accept that as fact knowing that his “minority” owners are proof enough.   I mean, Ross adds at least one “celebrity” to his cache of owners each season right?  Oh, no that would be only the first year he was full owner.  Kelley later in his article names off the celebrities and includes Jimmy Buffet.  What he actually doesn’t realize is that Buffet was brought in the year before by Wayne Huizenga as part of the one year “Landshark Stadium” deal.

"Since Ross took over as owner of the Dolphins, the team has gotten worse, and much of that is due to his ignorance and preference to play with the social aspect of the team. Ross had a decent head coach in Tony Sparano, but did nothing to help him. He hired the biggest idiot in the world in general manager Jeff Ireland, and that is one key reason why many players will never sign with the Dolphins.But I’m not going to get into things about how poor of an excuse for a general manager Ireland is right now. That would take too long. And unlike Ross, I can remain focused on what I said I was going to do in the first place."

Where to begin here.  O.k. I will give him “Tony Sparano was a decent head coach”.  Decent in that he was a “nice guy” and seemed to be well liked.  Decent in that he handled the Harbaugh fiasco with complete dignity.  Nice guy in that he didn’t bad mouth the team once while here or after he left.  Yes, Tony Sparano was a “decent’ head coach.  He simply couldn’t, well you know, coach.  The real travesty here of course is that Stephen Ross didn’t hire Jeff Ireland.  Bill Parcells did and Ross never hired Parcells, Wayne Huizenga did.  Now maybe this “Idiot of the Week” simply meant that Ross “retained” Jeff Ireland.  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, considering the guy is you know, an idiot this week.  Many fans, most fans today anyways, believe that Ireland has performed very well the last two seasons out of the shadow of Parcells.  Will that translate to success on the field?  Only if HC Joe Philbin can prove to be a winning head coach and be better than “decent”.

Kelley goes back to support his “remaining focused on what he said he would do in the first place” by naming those celebrities that apparently as I mentioned are brought in every off-season to rally the fan-base.  One year folks, one year.  It’s funny that the only time I really hear about the celebrity owners is when some media guy either goes on a rant, a fan needs somewhere to throw his misguided anger, or Gloria Estefan needs to climb out a window because she is locked in her box seats.

From there Kelley goes into the uniforms and the possibility of Ross changing them.  Much like an 8 year old girl who’s mother wants her to wear pink bows and she wan’t to where black nail polish.  In other words, Kelley is trying to tell us that Ross is a major loser because he wants to change the logo and maybe the colors?  In actuality Ross never said that, he was answering a question from a season ticket holder where the question was basically would the Dolphins do something drastic like the Marlins did.  Ross basically said that he liked the new look of the Marlins and that the team has been looking at making some changes in 2013.  Possibly to the logo.  I particularly like this quote by Kelley.

"And now, Ross wants to change more Dolphins’ traditions. He already took away the most important one in actually winning games and competing for the playoffs, and now he wants to change the uniforms and possibly even team colors."

The Miami Dolphins logo, you can read my position on the logo by clicking on my earlier article titled “Miami Dolphins Need To Change Their Logo”, does not represent tradition.  Kelley says the team already has taken away winning games, I point out that the downward slide of losing came after Jimmy Johnson you know, changed the logo. From the “traditional” one to the fruity little cartoon one we have today.  Still that’s an argument for the other article.

This one is all about Rob Kelley and his status this week here at  Kelley wraps up his bland attempt at gigging the fish’s owner by pointing to Ross’ hatred of the Miami Dolphins fight song and how the Jimmy Buffet “Fins” song will be used when the team scores and are trailing and the classic fight song will be used only when the team goes ahead or wins.  I think that’s a great idea personally.  Why?  Because honestly, I’m not  a huge fan of the outdated old song.

The thing about the song is this, the “Fins” song is fun and can get the crowd moving.  Like it or not.  It’s uptempo, fast, and fun.  The old song is tradition, tradition for the Dolphins means winning, so playing that song only when they are the “Miami Dolphins number one” makes sense.  Winning?  Taking the lead?  Win the game?  Absolutely.  It’s a great blend between the two and the positioning of the songs playing times makes complete sense.

In closing, Rob Kelley starts out declaring that Stephen Ross is the worst owner in the NFL.  He supports that claim only with fight songs, color schemes, and celebrities.  He backs up his claims with a failure to know the basics.  Like Wayne Huizenga’s role in the management team that is currently in place.  He supports his claim by once again pointing to the failed attempts at Peyton Manning and Jim Harbaugh.  The least he could have done was mentioned his flight to San Francisco.

The truth is, it’s the off-season and every Tom, Dick, and Harry or in this case Rob, will jump on the only bandwagon that is rolling through town.  It’s so much easier to write an off-season piece encompassed by negativity and stupidity than actually work your brain enough to find real reasons why you feel the way you do.  If Rob Kelley or any other journalist hack out there wants to write a disparaging article about anyone, at least take the time to get your facts right, your opinion right, and then find a way to actually, you know, convince your reader you know what you are talking about instead of just highlighting the same things that have been said over and over again for the last three years.

You can visit Rob at the above mentioned site and you will learn that he has a book you can read as well.  “I’m not a quitter”.  Available according to him on  No Rob, you are not a quitter, but you are our “Idiot of the Week“.