Week 1 NFL Game Predictions


While struggling to find a topic to write about, I came up with an idea. Why not do a week by week prediction of each game! So here are some promises I am making before beginning my 19 week journey with you!

  1. I promise to be absolutely 100% unbiased in all of my predictions.
  2. I promise to be entirely and brutally honest about each game.
  3. I promise to publish each week within 4 days of the previous week’s predictions.
  4. I promise to read every comment left and take your thoughts into consideration.

So, without further ado, here are my predictions for the 2012 NFL Season beginning with WEEK 1.

Dallas (0-0) @ New York Giants (0-0)

Match up to watch: Tyron Smith v.s. Jason Pierre-Paul

What is there really to say about this one? It’s almost always a toss up. I’m giving this one to the defending champs at home. Although Smith is going to be a great offensive tackle, JPP has game changing ability.

Dallas – 17 NYG – 24

Indianapolis (0-0) @ Chicago (0-0)

Match up to watch: Andrew Luck v.s. Brian Urlacher

Yes, we know Andrew Luck is good. But don’t sell Da’ Bears short. Bringing in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey will make this offense look entirely different. The Bears will put Mr. Luck in his place.

Indy – 13 Chicago – 35

Philadelphia (0-0) @ Cleveland (0-0)

Match up to watch: DeMeco Ryans v.s. Trent Richardson

Philly has a whole new line-backing corp, and trust me, they’ll be A LOT better on defense this year. I’m not so sure if I believe in Richardson or not. Either way, Cleveland’s offense is too young to keep up with Philly.

Philly – 28 Cleveland – 10

New England (0-0) @ Tennessee (0-0)

Match up to watch: Jerrod Mayo v.s. Chris Johnson

It will be interesting to see if the Pats can keep CJ2K in check for the entirety of the game, especially with the sneaky Titans being at home. Don’t sleep on Tennessee this season after slipping up week 1 against New England.

NE – 24 Tenn – 21

Atlanta (0-0) @ Kansas City (0-0)

Match up to watch: Matt Ryan v.s. Eric Berry

Here’s a great game for any football fan. KC is a sleeper this year getting back Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry from injuries. Although Atlanta has a high octane offense, Kansas City will get a huge boost from Berry on defense.

Atlanta – 17 KC – 24

Jacksonville (0-0) @ Minnesota (0-0)

Match up to watch: Blaine Gabbert v.s. Jared Allen

Can we toss this one away now? To be fair, both teams are lead by young quarterbacks and rely heavily on their all-pro running backs. We shouldn’t expect much scoring in this game.

Jacksonville – 7 Minnesota – 13

Washington (0-0) @ New Orleans (0-0)

Match up to watch: Robert Griffin III v.s. Curtis Lofton

Don’t get me wrong, I think RG3 will do some good things this year. BUT, this Saints defense is scary good. Even after losing my boy Vilma to a suspension, their defense is too good for RG3’s Skins.

Washington – 17 New Orleans – 27

Buffalo (0-0) @ New York Jets (0-0)

Match up to watch: Mario Williams v.s. D’Brickashaw Ferguson

Buffalo always starts out HOT, don’t they? Well, don’t expect a change here. Although I’m not buying their offense, Buffalo should have one of the top defenses in the league. Not to mention, how have the Jets gotten any better? Who knows.

Buffalo – 24 NYJ – 13

St. Louis (0-0) @ Detroit (0-0)

Match up to watch: Cortland Finnegan v.s. Calvin Johnson

We shouldn’t expect much of a match up in this contest. Yes, St. Louis helped their secondary a bit, but we’re talking about Megatron here. Expect Detroit to win, BIG.

St. Louis – 13 Detroit – 42

Miami (0-0) @ Houston (0-0)

Match up to watch: Karlos Dansby v.s. Arian Foster

Miami’s run defense is amongst the best, and Houston’s isn’t too shabby either. Although I expect Miami to be in contention for a wild card this season, Houston is too hot at home.

Miami – 21 Houston – 27

San Francisco (0-0) @ Green Bay (0-0)

Match up to watch: Carlos Rogers v.s. Aaron Rodgers

This is going to be the game of the week right here. A killer defense against a killer offense. Although I love what Green Bay has going on, San Francisco’s offense should be ten times better than last season. Expect an upset.

San Francisco – 35 Green Bay – 31

Seattle (0-0) @ Arizona (0-0)

Match up to watch: Brandon Browner v.s. Larry Fitzgerald

Not too much going on in this contest. Although Arizona’s situation at quarterback could be solved by either Kolb or Skelton, I’m not buying it. Seattle is my choice in an unexciting contest.

Seattle – 17 Arizona – 13

Carolina (0-0) @ Tampa Bay (0-0)

Match up to watch: Cam Newton v.s. THE WHOLE TAMPA DEFENSE

Boy this is going to be a fun one, huh? Newton is a strong candidate to some for a sophomore slump, not to me. Although I think Tampa has done a lot of great things to help themselves out, I’m riding Superman’s wagon until it stops. This division is going to be the hardest of all 8 in the NFL.

Carolina – 35 Tampa Bay – 28

Pittsburgh (0-0) @ Denver (0-0)

Match up to watch: James Harrison v.s Peyton Manning’s neck

Will he be the same? Can he still produce? Is he the same guy as he was five years ago? These are all questions Peyton must answer during his first full game in well over a year. Although I’m not buying into the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, Denver’s defense is too good to let this slip through their fingers.

Pittsburgh – 17 Denver – 27

Cincinnati (0-0) @ Baltimore (0-0)

Match up to watch: AJ Green v.s. Jimmy Smith

This is the year. Seems like I’ve been saying that for years. But, I truly believe Cincinnati finally makes the leap to take over the division. Although the run game isn’t really there for Cincy, the Red Rocket seems to come through in the clutch.

Cincinnati – 24 Baltimore – 21

San Diego (0-0) @ Oakland (0-0)

Match up to watch: Philip Rivers v.s. Michael Huff

Boy, is this division up for grabs or what! This has to be San Diego’s year, right? Who knows. What I do know is that Philip Rivers will come out firing and Oakland’s new look offense has scary potential. In the end, I think Oakland has it in them.

San Diego – 24 Oakland – 28

Well, there you go. Week 1 in the books. Check back within the next 4 days for week 2 predictions!!


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