NFL Receiving Statistics Per Salary Dollar


When it comes to receiving production, which NFL player provided their team with the biggest bang for their buck in 2011?  This is a fun analysis based on receiving statistics and salary cap numbers.  I found most of the contract information on

Before I get into more detail, I just wanted to say that I love writing and I appreciate all the feedback, good or bad.  I have strong opinions about most things and also have thick skin.  We definitely have intelligent and passionate readers and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

I like to make predictions and being wrong comes with the territory.

Getting back to my analysis, I took the 154 players with the most receiving yards.  This list included receivers, tight ends, and running backs.  I stopped at 154 because this is where Chad Ochocinco ranked, with 276 receiving yards.  This is not scientific.  Many arguments very brought up regarding my last two posts, including “good contracts”, first-down catches, and “top-tier” production.  I just wanted to break down numbers and let you digest them on your own.  Of course, I will highlight the Miami Dolphins but will keep my opinions to my self, this one time.

Here are the TOP 25 in 2011 receiving yards per salary dollar:

RecYardsAvgYds/GTDs1st1st%Salary $MRec/$MYards/$M
1Victor CruzNYGWR821,53618.796959720.405202.473792.59
2Rob GronkowskiNETE901,32714.782.9176976.70.405222.223276.54
3Antonio BrownPITWR691,10816.169.225782.60.429358160.712580.60
4Jimmy GrahamNOTE991,31013.281.9117474.70.571285173.292293.08
5Doug BaldwinSEAWR5178815.549.244078.40.380833133.922069.15
6Mike WallacePITWR721,19316.674.6854750.708333101.651684.24
7David NelsonBUFWR6165810.841.153252.50.409149.141608.80
8Jake BallardNYGTE3860415.943.143181.60.40593.831491.36
9Denarius MooreOAKWR3361818.747.552678.80.42262578.081462.29
10Mike WilliamsTBWR6577111.948.234163.10.55075118.021399.91
11Aaron HernandezNETE7991011.56574658.20.65312120.961393.31
12Torrey SmithBALWR5084116.852.6734680.61172581.741374.80
13Johnny KnoxCHIWR3772719.651.923183.80.5310669.671368.96
14Preston ParkerTBWR4055413.934.632562.50.40598.771367.90
15Laurent RobinsonDALWR5485815.961.3113666.70.68578.831252.55
16DeSean JacksonPHIWR5896116.664.143967.20.7699675.331248.12
17Arian FosterHOURB5361711.647.521935.80.525100.951175.24
18Greg LittleCLEWR6170911.644.323557.40.605100.831171.90
19Jared CookTENTE4975915.547.433469.40.65574.811158.78
20Danario AlexanderSTLWR2643116.643.121973.10.4137562.841041.69
21Brandon LaFellCARWR366131738.332363.90.608559.161007.40
22Andre RobertsARIWR5158611.536.622956.90.58687.031000.00
23Damian WilliamsTENWR4559213.239.5527600.610573.71969.70
24Brian HartlineMIAWR3554915.734.313085.70.60624357.73905.58
25Dezmon BriscoeTBWR3538711.124.262057.10.43062581.28898.69

Many of the players on the list have already received hefty raises.  Our own Brian Hartline makes an appearance at No. 24.  Here are the rest of the Dolphins and Brandon Marshall:

RecYardsAvgYds/GTDs1st1st%Salary $MRec/$MYards/$M
63Legedu NaaneeCARWR4446710.631.112045.50.73559.86635.37
104Davone BessMIAWR5153710.533.6325491.76328.93304.59
109Chad OchocincoNEWR1527618.418.411386.7115.00276.00
129Anthony FasanoMIATE3245114.130.152578.12.7511.64164.00
141Brandon MarshallMIAWR811,2141575.965365.410.67.64114.53
149Reggie BushMIARB432966.919.711227.93.7511.4778.93

I understand that Reggie Bush is at a disadvantage here because we are solely looking at receiving statistics.

Here are the 2011 rankings in multiple categories for the present Dolphins and Brandon Marshall:

Rec Yards83146103819815410
1st Downs87T15287T70T105T14614T
1st Down %124152185128T473

I hope you enjoy my effort.  I will be back with cornerback talk.

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