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DolphinsTrade Vontae Davis to Colts


According to NFL Insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer, the Miami Dolphins have accepted a trade for Corner back Vontae Davis to the Indianapolis Colts for a second round pick in a currently unspecified year. Davis showed up to camp this year out of shape and reportly had trouble grasping DC Kevin Coyle’s new defense which caused him to lose his starting position to Richard Marshall.  A 1st round pick in the 2009 draft, Davis has not exactly had a great career in Miami.  150 Tackles, 1 sack and only 9 picks in 3 years isn’t exactly what Miami hoped to get from the Davis when they drafted him.

The downside to the trade besides losing a fan favorite, is the fact that it was for a second round pick and no one knows what year yet.  So just like the Brandon Marshall trade where they gave up two 2nd round picks for Marshall and traded him for two 3rd round picks to the Chicago Bears, again the Phins lose value in their trade.  Instead of getting a receiver or maybe a couple of picks for the first rounder they simply go with a second round pick.  It could be argued that with Davis’s lackluster performance so far this year that his value dropped but the Colts seemed pretty desperate to get him according to Owner Jim Irsay who started tweeting about the trade days ago.  UPATE: The trade was for a 2nd round pick in 2013 and a conditional 6th round pick in 2013. 

Another question that comes up now. is what will Miami do with this pick? Will they put it in their back pocket until next years draft if that’s when they get the pick? Or will they use it to negotiate a trade for a receiver somewhere in the league?  There aren’t exactly too many dominate receivers on the trade block anywhere in the NFL or in free agency so what is GM Jeff Ireland’s plan?  Or have the Phins finally broken down and admitted they are in rebuild mode and not “remodel” mode like they stated at the beginning of the season.  What ever the plan is it can’t be any worse then what Ireland has done already.

In other news: The New England Patriots are going after Jacksonville Jaguars’ Maurice Jones-Drew who is now on the trading block.  That would be very bad news for the entire AFC East Division.