A Winning Streak For The Miami Dolphins?


August 10, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) runs to join the touchdown celebration with Miami Dolphins wide receiver Roberto Wallace (18) and running back Charles Clay (42) during the second quarter of the game at Sun Life Stadium. The play was overtuned after instant replay revealed the ball touched the ground. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

After their 30-10 loss to the Houston Texans, the Miami Dolphins have picked themselves up and find that, surprisingly, they are on top of a mountain.  They are surrounded by the deafening chatter of the media and fans, who continue to predict a season of utter failure for the Dolphins.  In most cases, the prediction is five wins or less.  The noise fades as the players move to the edge and see a clear and inviting path below, lined with victories.  Ryan Tannehill asks, “Can no one else see the road before us?  Lined with small beasts ready to be slain?”  Tannehill sees the Raiders, Jets, Cardinals, Bengals, Rams, Jets, Colts, Titans, Bills, and Seahawks.  Richie Incognito replies, “A warrior who does not see the passing lanes, can make even the smallest beast, deadly.”


The Dolphins have ten consecutive “winnable” games up until they face the New England Patriots in Week 13, a “cakewalk” if you will.  Of course, this is a cakewalk by NFL standards but, nonetheless, a kiss from Lady Luck.  Is there such a thing as a cakewalk for Miami?  I think so.  This team has the talent to win now and Tannehill will be the key.


Maybe starting the season on the road versus a good Houston team was a blessing in disguise.  A lesson for Tannehill in a game the Dolphins would likely not have won.  This is much better than three interceptions against an opponent like the Raiders, who Miami should defeat at home.


This ten game stretch will decide Jeff Ireland‘s future.  Everyone seems to remember the Dolphins 0-7 start in 2011 and forget their 6-3 finish.  They see a team who went winless in the preseason with a new head coach and quarterback.  They see a 30-10 loss to the Texans and dismiss the fact that the Dolphins were actually competing until four turnovers knocked them out.  The Miami Dolphins are vastly underrated.  Or are they?  The following ten games will tell us if this team truly has talent and if Tannehill has the goods.  If the team does not win six of the next ten or if Tannehill shows signs of being a bust, our general manager is out.

Many, in the national media, believe the Dolphins’ failure is imminent but have not seen the team enough and have certainly not seen their schedule.

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