Dolphins Vs. Jets: 5 Q’s With a Jets Writer


Oct.14, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cheerleaders perform during a game against the St. Louis Rams at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The title is a little misleading.  Kind of a double negative.  Jets and writer?  Seriously most Jets fans can’t read let alone write.  It’s why most NY Jets media turn to the audio/visual end of the job.  It’s why most interviews at some point turn to “I want to kiss you”.  Hey don’t blame me, it’s a “Cropduster” thing.

If you don’t know, well, if you don’t know that the Dolphins and Jets are facing off this weekend, you are either not a Dolphins fan, not a Jets fan, or are on a reality TV series filming abroad in some jungle.  Tell Jeff Probst I said hello!

Last time around I exchanged questions with our editor over at  This time around I am going to do the same.  Hey, I tried to get someone else but as I said above, it’s hard to find a knowledgeable Jets fan.  So going back to the well with Alan Schechter only seemed rational.  The other writers (snicker) who cover that team are probably still trying to figure out why they call a mouse a mouse and have yet to figure out how to open an Email…(still standing at the end of the driveway no doubt).

So anyways, here are the 5 questions that I asked Alan and his responses.  Make sure you head over to TheJetPress and read my answers to his.  They were a little odd for a football game exchange.  1:  Why are pets called pets?  2:  Why does it burn when I put a candle to my forehead…that sort of thing.  But again, JET FAN!  I am kidding of course.  Please do check out Alan’s site and to be fair, he contacted me about doing this exchange.  Thanks Alan!

1:  Sanchez is up and down yet he seems to thrive in the 2nd half.  What is the biggest deficit you think he is capable of coming back from?

"With a defense and a special teams unit that is always capable of making a big play in a big spot, no deficit is ever too big.  That being said, the team probably would have a tough time getting back from a late deficit more than 17-20."

2:  Would you be surprised to learn that two sections of the Jets stadium will be almost entirely filled by Dolphins fans?  Sections 322 and 323 will have 199 Dolphins fans in them from a Dolphins support club out of NY.

"To be honest, not really.  A lot of fans like to travel, and in this day and age of Stubhub, nothing like that really surprises me.  Does it disappoint me?  Absolutely, as I am sure it does you when there are a lot of transplanted NY’ers in the building when we play down there.  So, it’s disappointing, but not surprising."

3:  How does it make you feel to know that the ticket sellers didn’t offer those Dolphins fans seats further apart?

"It ticks me off.  Spreading visiting fans out would limit the amount of noise that they can make.  But to tell you the truth, I am pretty unaffected by it, as it has happened before.  When the Jets hosted San Francisco, there were sections that looked red they had so many 49er fans in them.  With ticket prices what they are nowadays, stadiums filled up with only home fans are a thing of the past.  Unfortunately."

4:  The Dolphins that the Jets played in week 3 really hasn’t changed much in terms of personnel.  What have you seen from the changes in Miami and do you see progression or regression in certain areas?

"I have been very impressed with Miami in all phases.  I have been especially impressed with Ryan Tannehill.  He seems to be getting better every week, and with every snap.  His decision making is improving, and he seems to be well on his way to being the franchise quarterback that you have been looking for since the Dan Marino days.  Make no mistake, the Jets are not overlooking this team.  The Dolphins are a good football team, and the Jets are ready for a dog fight."

5:  I won’t ask you for a prediction but how do you see this game playing out with the current forecast of wind and rain?

"The Jets are always at an advantage in the wind at home.  The wind swirls at Met Life, similarly to how it did at the old Giants stadium, and always gives visiting teams a tough time.  That being said, the weather will turn the spotlight on the running games.  The team that wins that battle will be the team that wins the football game."