Miami Dolphins At New York Jets: Let The Fun Begin!


It is that time again, the always exciting rivalry of the Dolphins and Jets. We are only a few days away from the game and there has been some jawing between the two teams all week. It started with Rex Ryan wanting an apology from Reggie Bush for saying karma is what knocked Jet’s star corner back out of the game in week three. Then Jet’s safety Laron Landry got into the mix saying that Reggie Bush will be afraid to run at him after taking him out of the game in week three with a hurt knee. When Reggie was asked about these comments he just laughed it off, also saying his comments about Revis is nothing to be sorry about.

Then later in the week Jet’s linebacker Aaron Maybin said the Jets plan to take Reggie Bush out of the game, “Legally” of course. I’m still surprised that Roger Goodell hasn’t stepped in at this point, because he has been trying to focus on player safety. This has been an amusing week full of trash talking on both sides and should be a hard fought game on both sides.

Now on to the game, the Dolphins have started to pick up some momentum winning two games in a row before last weeks bye, while the Jets are coming off an overtime loss to the Patriots.  This is going to be a big game with both teams having something to prove. A Dolphins team counted out by everyone around the league is starting to look like they can contend for a playoff spot while the Jets look to win again against Miami, the second time this year, something they haven’t done against the Dolphins since 2007. This is also leading into the Jets bye-week, with a loss there could be a huge shake up inside the team if they are going into the bye 3-5.

The Dolphins have a good shot to win this game, they are coming off the bye and have a very reasonable 3-3 record. But for this team to win they have to do something they have had trouble doing this year, and that is  to start off strong. Against both the Rams and Bengals the Dolphins started out very slow before coming out in the second half and stepping it up.  This week it is a must for the Dolphins to come out strong and get everyone involved. Have Reggie running the ball well, while having Tannehill feed everyone from Hartline to even getting Charles Clay involved to keep the Jets Defense guessing.

The Turnover margin will play a big role in this game as well. In the last two victories Tannehill has not turned the ball over once, if he can protect the ball again this week it will be a huge help for the Dolphins. They are also going have to force turnovers as well by forcing Sanchez out of the pocket and cause him to make bad throws.

The past couple weeks the Jets have relied heavily on the run game, including  a 3td 161 yard performance from Shonn Greene a couple weeks ago when beating the Colts 35-9. The Dolphins need to slow down him and the Jets run game and force them into 3rd and longs. This will make Sanchez have to attempt difficult throws and hopefully the Dolphin  cornerbacks (who are also without Richard Marshall again this week, Nolan Carrol will play opposite  of Smith again with Jimmy Wilson being the Nickel back) can make a play on the ball for a couple take aways.

This is a game the Dolphins can win, just like week three, hopefully this time they will not have to rely on Dan Carpenter to make a field goal (missed two field goals last time these two met). The Jets have proven they have flaws, not to mention they are without their biggest star on offense, Santonio Holmes and their biggest star on defense Darrelle Revis, both who are out for the year. My prediction is the Dolphins and Jets both fight hard but the Dolphins reveal the Jets weaknesses and come out of the Meadowlands with a victory 21-10 behind their solid defensive front and a strong game from a healthy Reggie Bush.