Statement Game Says Dolphins Are Here To Stay


October 28, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas (33) celebrates the touchdown in the 1st quarter against the New York Jets at New MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

As the Miami Dolphins began play yesterday I felt confident that they would beat the New York Jets. What I did not realize is that they would absolutely demolish the Jets. The Jets are by no means a playoff contender, we have come to a point where their team is regressing so far back into a hole that they will not be able to climb out. Maybe they should put Tim Tebow in at quarterback just to salvage some ticket sales.

We need to begin by saying that Darren Rizzi and the Special Teams squad were awesome. The past few years one of the biggest problems facing the Dolphins (besides their offense) has been special teams. They had given up big returns, allowed punts and field goals to be blocked, and basically laid dormant as far as big plays benefiting the Dolphins were concerned. Today that changed.

The game ball goes hands down to Olivier Vernon. He was magnificent today, and would have been praised as so just for the blocked punt. The fact that he later got involved in a blocked field goal was icing on the cake. Also, it will never happen that a game ball or deciding factor of a game will be awarded to a punter, but one of the biggest studs the Dolphins have on their team is Brandon Fields. He may be the most dependable punter in the NFL.

The defense did a tremendous job allowing the Jets and Mark Sanchez to do nothing. Sanchez could be the most underwhelming quarterback to actually watch. He is just flat out bad, and facing a good defense did nothing to help his confidence. The Dolphins defense now has 22 sacks, 7 fumbles, and 8 interceptions. The defense is keeping the Dolphins in games and at times winning games for them.

The Dolphins offense is by no means elite. They are good, maybe bordering on the side of ok. It was another so-so day for their offense highlighted by the oh-my-God-the-season-is-over moment with Ryan Tannehill that shouldn’t turn out to be as bad as I thought while grabbing my chest. The top Passer, Rusher, and Receiver all went to the Jets today, but who cares when you are blowing a team out.

One thing I did notice in this game that actually gave me some relief was when Tannehillwent down

Matt Moore did a very good job filling in. Last year we rallied behind Moore and I would feel comfortable once again doing so, but that being said I much prefer Ryan Tannehill standing behind center.

The Dolphins are as close to a complete team as they have been in recent memory. They are clicking together and the heart this team shows is evident. It is somewhat of a cliché to say a team has heart, but how else would you explain a team looking so bad in the preseason and so good in the regular season.

Side Note:

I don’t know how many people have already noticed or will notice the comments made by Jets wide receiver Chaz Schilens where he said “They’re not a very clean team, they’re a little cheap”. First off who is Chaz Schilens? Has anyone ever even heard of this guy? Show me something and then we’ll discuss if you should be running your mouth. That being said, what exactly makes the Dolphins dirty? Is it because they just destroyed a team that is crumbling like an overly dry cookie? Or maybe it is just that sore losers still exist at all levels of sporting.