Dolphins Tannehill Update & NFL News


October 28, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets outside linebacker Calvin Pace (97) sacks Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) at New MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

Today Ryan Tannehill took all the first team snaps at practice while back-up and last weeks hero QB Matt Moore took the back-up and occasional first team snaps.  It’s good news for Ryan Tannehill after splitting reps yesterday with Moore at the Miami Dolphins practice.  And just about the time you start feeling all warm and fuzzy about the match-up between Tannehill and Andrew Luck on Sunday, word comes out that the first go around between rookie vs. rookie may be put on ice.  Or drained as it were.

According Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole who has been known recently to throw crap on a wall to see what sticks, VIA his “Twitter” account which basically means he doesn’t have enough information or is too lazy to actually write about it, comes word that Tannehill has had his knee drained.  Twice.

Cole said that the Dolphins rookie QB had his knee drained of fluid before practice and then again after practice and that his current status for Sunday’s game is 50/50.  In other words, Cole has a 100% chance of being right and has literally stuck his neck out with no worries of getting it lopped off.  If Tannehill doesn’t play, then Cole was 50% on the money and if he does, he is still covered.  Wow, his sources give him nothing do they.

The reality is that Ryan Tannehill will play if he is capable of playing and he won’t if the coaches believe that it’s better to keep his recovery from last weekends hyper-extension of his knee off the field.  Tannehill has been in a compression sleeve and knee brace this week at practice and it’s likely that the team is checking him out fully to make sure that he can go at 100%.  If he is not 100% the Dolphins will likely go with Matt Moore rather than risk more damage to Tannehill’s knee and quad.

In other news, the recently released Anthony Armstrong was claimed off waivers by the Jacksonville Jaguars who were short a WR after trading Mike Thomas to the Detroit Lions.  Speaking of trades, the NFL trade deadline has come and gone and the “blockbuster” rumors of Dwayne Bowe leaving Kansas City and DeAngelo Williams leaving Carolina were exactly that…rumors.  The Patriots however made an uncharacteristic trade at the deadline.

The New England Patriots have made a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for suspended CB Aqib Talib.  The Buc’s send New England Talib and a 7th round pick they acquired from the Chicago Bears for a Patriot 4th round pick.  The picks are for the 2013 draft.  The Patriots are more known for hording their draft picks so this is a little bit of a surprise but showcases the Patriots desire to improve a secondary that has not played very well this year.

Talib is serving a four game suspension for off-field issues and has had numerous run-ins with the law.  His stay in New England could be a good move for the Pats getting a very talented CB or another veteran problem player that busts for Bill Belichick.