Ranking Dolphins Tannehill So Far


Oct 14 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) drops back to pass in the second half in a game against the St. Louis Rams at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins defeated the Rams 17-14. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

This year five NFL teams started the season with a rookie QB. Andrew Luck(Colts), Robert Griffin III(Redskins), Ryan Tannehill(Dolphins), Brandon Weeden(Browns), and Russell Wilson(Seahawks). All five have shown flashes of great plays and should give fans comfort that their teams have found a QB who very well could be their franchise QB.

Ryan Tannehill has been probably the biggest surprise so far this year since many “expert” annalysts believed Tannehill would need 1-2 years to be groomed before he would be able to make a difference. So far he’s proven them wrong. Tannehill makes good decisions in the pocket and even better ones when he gets outside of the pocket. He’s made big throws, and other than week 1 against the Houston Texans he has had good stats and looks like a veteran.

Each of the QB’s have looked good at times and bad at times which is to be expected for a rookie. I’m going to rank the rookie QB from what I see so far by decision making, stats, and development so far.

5. Brandon Weeded-Weeden has been somewhat disappointing so far this season.  He has thrown for 1,912 yards with 9 TD’s and 10 INT’s. He has a 55.2% completion percentage and a passer rating of 70.8 so far this season.  Now I do realize the Cleavland Browns are in need of a WR that can consistently catch the ball and get separation, but he’s made some questionable calls.  More so than the other four rookie QB’s this season.

T-3 Andrew Luck– Luck was taken first overall in this years draft and was the Colts replacement for Peyton Manning who is now with the Denver Broncos. Luck has thrown for 1,971 yards with 8 TD’s and 8 INT’s. He has a 55.6% completion percentage and a passer rating of 74.6 this season. As long as luck keeps going the way he is going and keeps improving the Colts made a great decision drafting him and letting Manning go. I don’t see him backtracking anytime soon.  He seems to be getting better each week and should have a solid career as the Colts franchise QB.

T-3 Ryan Tannehill– Every week Tannehill is looking better and better. The Dolphins may have finally found the franchise QB they’ve been searching for since 1999 when Marino Retired. Tannehill has thrown for 1,472 yards with 4 TD’s and 6 INT’s. He has a 59.1 % completion percentage and a passer rating of 75.8 this season. Ryan Tannehill suffered an injury last week against the Jets in the first quarter and didn’t return.  Tannehill like Luck looks better each week. The one thing about Tannehill that many feel is is strong point is his poise in the pocket and his ability to rarely make the same mistakes from week to week. Tannehill has by far exceeded my expectations this season.

2. Russell Wilson– Russell Wilson was one that many people didn’t think would get the start this season after the Seahawks signed FA Quarterback Matt Flynn. Wilson has thrown for 1,466 yards with 10 TD’s and 8 INT’s. He has a 61.4% completion percentage and a passer rating of 82.4 so far this season.  Wilson was the last QB of the five taken in the draft.  Wilson was taken in the 3rd round while the other four were taken all in the first round with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III taken 1 and 2. Wilson has made some big, last second plays this season to either win the game for Seattle or at least give them a shot.  The biggest knock on him is his height with being only 5’11”.

1. Robert Griffin III– RG3 is this years Cam Newton. He’s came out doing what people didn’t think he would be able to do as well as Luck and that’s throw the ball.  People knew he could run and beat you with his legs, but his ability to throw the deep ball and hit targets in stride brings back flashbacks of Newton Last year.  RG3 has thrown for 1,778 yards with 8 TD’s and 3 INT’s. On top of that he also has another 476 yards and 6 TD’s on the ground and has a completion percentage of 66.8% and a passer rating of 97.3 so far this season. By both stats and the eye test, Robert Griffin III has been outstanding.

Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill were both tied for 3rd in my opinion. Both have looked very well with Luck having a little better stats, and Tannehill looking a little better with the eye test. This weekend both rookies will play each other, unless Tannehill happens to have a setback from the injury he sustained last Sunday against the Jets. This week should be a great game to watch and give people a good comparison between the two players and teams.

That’s how I’m raking this years rookie QB’s so far this season, but there’s still a good portion of the season too go. Anything can happen. How do you rank them?