Miami Dolphins At Indianapolis Colts: Individual Expectations


Oct 28, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) hands the ball off to running back Reggie Bush (22) against the New York Jets during the first quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

This Sunday the Miami Dolphins(4-3) travel to Lucas Oil Stadium to face off against the Indianapolis Colts(4-3).  This game will be a battle of Rookie Quarterbacks, Ryan Tannehill(Dolphins), and Andrew Luck(Colts). Both rookies have shown great plays and both seem to be improving each week. The biggest differences between the two offenses is Miami has the better running game, and Indianapolis has a Reggie Wayne, who has made Luck look even better.

As it stands now, Dolphins starting QB Ryan Tannehill is questionable. However, unless he has a setback I don’t expect him to sit. Both Tannehill and the coaching staff are optimistic he will get the start. If for some reason he doesn’t, backup QB Matt Moore will get another go.

Last week my top five were Running Back Reggie Bush, Dolphins Run Defense, Kicker Dan Carpenter, Wide Receiver Marlon Moore, and Cornerback Nolan Carroll. Other than Reggie Bush, the other four were pretty close if not right on what I was wanting to see.  Reggie could have done a little better then he did, but the second year RB from Kansas State University, Daniel Thomas, did a very good job of protecting the ball and helping Reggie out.

Here are my top 5 for this week:

1. Reggie Bush(Running Back)– For 2 weeks in a row, Reggie Bush remains at number one. I’m still waiting to see Bush get back to the way he started off his first 2-3 games this season. The Indianapolis Colts rank 27th in the NFL in Rushing Yards allowed with a season average of 137.4 yards per game. Reggie Bush should have a good day against the Colts Run Defense on Sunday. Run Reggie Run!

2. Ryan Tannehill(Quarterback)– Tannehill is still listed as Questionable, so it’s not a 100% guarantee he will start, but he claims to plan on playing and I haven’t heard any reason to assume otherwise.  Assuming he does start, I am interested in how his injury is going to affect him.  With it being a knee/quad injury, will he be able to scramble out of the pocket without too much problems.  I’m also a bit concerned if he gets sacked again, he could end up causing serious damage to that knee.  The Coaching staff won’t let Tannehill go in unless he is able to run on it, so their shouldn’t be much concern, but it is something I will keep an eye on. How exactly will that Injury affect him during the game?

3. Brian Hartline(Wide Receiver)– Since Hartline’s breakout performance in week 4, he’s kind of disappeared. The Colts are ranked 7th in Passing Defense. However, they have gave up 13 Passing TD’s to only 2 Interceptions.  The secondary for the Colts really isn’t very good at creating turnovers but have some fairly good coverage players.  If Hartline can get some separation, Tannehill will find him. Colts Cornerback and former Dolphin, Vontae Davis, will most likely be the one covering Hartline.  I will be looking to see if Hartline can get himself open and have another big game.

4. Sean Smith(Cornerback)– Sean Smith will be spending the majority of his time covering the Colts star Wide Receiver, Reggie Wayne, who has been QB Andrew Lucks go favorite target this season, and it’s shown with Wayne leading the league in total Receiving Yards at 757. Sean Smith has had a big year so far and is starting to turn into an elite cornerback.  Not saying he is an elite CB but he is getting their.  I will be looking to see how many yards Sean Smith will give up to WR Reggie Wayne on Sunday.

5. Dolphins Special Teams– Last week against the New York Jets, the Dolphins had a huge day on Special Teams. Miami had a blocked Punt for a TD, a blocked FG, and a successful Onside Kick Recovery.  Only thing missing was a Punt or Kickoff Return for a TD. I know this won’t happen every week but this week I’ll be looking to see if the Dolphins Special Teams can get at least one big play on Special teams.

Those are my top 5 expectations for this weeks game against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Do you have a top 5 player expectation list?