Dolphins Running Back Trio, One Of The Best?


Oct 28, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) runs with the ball during the first half of their game against the New York Jets at MetLIfe Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Most teams in the NFL have at least one Running Back that can make a difference whether it’s breaking off for big gains, goal line plays, or doing enough to open up the passing game more for the Quarterback.  Some teams are lucky with a couple solid Running Backs, like division rival Buffalo Bills RB’s, Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller, who compliment each other with speed and strength.

The Miami Dolphins are one of just a couple teams who have three solid RB’s who can both complement each other and help keep each other fresh by not having to be the only viable option on the field.  It also helps to have that third option just in case a player gets injured. You also don’t overwork your RB, which in my opinion is the position that you have to have the most stamina and endurance to play well consistently.

The Dolphins trio of RB’s, Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, and Lamar Miller, have rushed for a total of 859 yards with 8 TD’s so far this season, and have another 256 yards receiving. Veteran Reggie Bush has been the featured back with 122 attempts for 534 yards and 4 TD’s on the ground, compared to second year RB, Daniel Thomas, with 57 attempts for 192 yards and 3 TD’s. Or rookie RB, Lamar Miller, with only 24 carries for 133 yards and 1 TD. Even though Lamar Miller hasn’t had as many touches so far as Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas, he has the highest yards per carry average with 5.5. Bush and Thomas only have 4.4 and 3.4 currently.

The only other team who has a legitimate trio who has been performing so far this season, is the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, and Mike Tolbert who have rushed for a total of 528 yards with 5 TD’s, and have 233 yards receiving and 1 TD. That’s not including another 347 yards and 4 TD’s on 59 attempts by QB Cam Newton. If you add Cam Newton that bring the rushing totals to 875 yards and 9 TD’s. Those numbers are close to the Dolphins, but that’s also showing stats on 4 players for Carolina vs. the 3 players for Miami.

Even though the Dolphins have three solid RB’s, they have the 13th ranked rushing offense. Miami’s rushing offense has gradually decreased each week starting with Reggie Bush. Bush at one point was in the top 5 in the NFL for total rushing yards per game, but since his knee injury he hasn’t seemed to get back to the same numbers.

It will be interesting to see how the second half of the season goes. Watching two young players develop, and continue to watch Reggie prove those who said he couldn’t be a featured back wrong, should get Dolphins fans excited about the future and the path the organization is going. The future is bright for the Miami Dolphins.