The Miami Dolphins 4-4 Midway through the season.


The 2012 season for the Miami Dolphins have been a roller coaster ride to say the least. They have had a crushing lost, and a few heart breaking losses by 3 points in three different games. Then again they have also had a statement win, also won a few close games. They have some things they need to get better at before the season ends, but they also have a few things to hang their hats on and be proud of.

One thing the Dolphins have been able to do all season is stop the run, yes they have given up some big runs but have relied on a “Bend but don’t break” defense. The defense as a whole has been a solid group even in the loses. People look at the big numbers by the other teams, and how they have been out gained in yardage in all of the last four games. They have been a top notch red zone defense team and also a great team on 3rd down getting off the field and giving their offense a chance.

People view the reason for losing against the Colts to be the defense. A defense that allowed Andrew Luck to break the single season rookie record in yards and to go 13-18 on third down. Two dropped picks, one by Dansby and one by Smith also seemed to be key. I look on the offensive side of the ball for the reason the Dolphins lost. Yes Tannehill played great, but a play that stands out to me was a second and ten on the last drive for the Dolphins, where Tannehill was getting blitzed and overthrew an open Daniel Thomas who had room to run to at least make it a 3rd and two. The Dolphins ended up turning the ball over on downs and losing the game. If he completes that pass it changes the game, keeping the drive alive.

Tannehill has been a huge surprise up to this point as well. He has showed progress each week and is becoming a star in front of us. He is doing a great job being able to read and understand defenses. He has not turned the ball over in four games cutting down on the mistakes and still making plays.

So far this season the Dolphins have lost a few games they should have won, but they have also won a few games they could have easily lost. These next eight games shall be interesting as the Dolphins surprise the NFL, being a team that is threatening as a playoff threat.