Which Titans Team Will The Dolphins See?


Nov 4, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson (28) rushes for a touchdown against the Chicago Bears during the second half at LP Field. Chicago defeated Tennessee 51-20. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

Sunday’s game between the Dolphins and Titans could be a difficult match up to predict. 5 days ago the world watched the Chicago Bears absolutely decimate the Titans. At some point the refs had to be wondering if there was a mercy rule in the NFL because it was needed badly. After leading 28-2 at the end of the first quarter you had to wonder if the Bears might score 60 or 70 points in that game.

It goes without saying this has been an unsuccessful season so far for the Titans, but there have been a couple of games where they have shown some real promise and this week could be one of those games. They have beaten both the Lions and Steelers, and although those two teams are not as great as once predicted earlier this year they are still very solid teams.

The Titans have a weapon that has to scare everyone. If I said this after week 3 you might be laughing, but it is time to be scared of Chris Johnson once again. In the first three weeks Johnson averaged 15 yards per game. Not very impressive is it. Jump forward to present time and the previous six weeks he has averaged 115 yards per game. In six weeks Chris Johnson has managed to add 100 yards per game to his average. Be afraid be very afraid.

It is hard to be worried about their quarterback, because we don’t know who that will be. As of right now it is being reported that Jake Locker will be starting for the Titans over Matt Hasselbeck. Either one of them can show flashes in the pan and Hasselbeck is probably a little more worrisome with the experience he has to offer.

The Titans will be showcasing the open field talents of Nate Washington and rookie Kendall Wright which has to be bothersome just because of how bad the Dolphins backfield can be at times (see Andrew Luck passing for 433 yards).

It is no secret the Dolphins will need to work hard on all sides of the ball if they want to win. Ryan Tannehill will have to be mistake free, the wide receivers cannot be dropping passes right between the numbers, Reggie Bush needs to be heavily involved in the game, the defense needs to stop the pass on 3rd down, the front seven needs to continue to control the opposing run game, and special teams should stay right where they currently are.

This will not be an easy game for the Dolphins, but what game in the NFL is? This is an incredibly crucial game for Miami. Their playoff hopes could hinge on a win this week, but more than that this game will show how they can rebound from a tough loss to the Colts last week. This week we get to see how Joe Philbin begins to lead his players through the second half of the season after a very impressive first half.