Miami Dolphins: Week 9 C’MON MANs!


Last Sunday, the Miami Dolphins lost a close game the Colts 23-20 in Indianapolis.  The loss puts the Dolphins record at 4-4 — a game behind the New England Patriots (5-3) in the AFC East Division.  The Bills and Jets are tied for third place at 3-5.  The Dolphins are in eighth place in the AFC and are one game behind in the AFC playoff hunt.

The Dolphins’ Defense had a rough game.  The Colts ran up 516 yards in total offense to include 433 yards in passing.  Rookie Andrew Luck completed 30 of 48 passes (62.5%) for 9.0 yards per attempt with 2 TDs, no INTs, and one sack for a 105.6 passer rating.  The front seven held the Colts to less than 100 yards rushing, but the DBs and LBs were torched in the passing game.  One telling stat was that the Colts converted 13 of 19 third down attempts for a first down.

The Dolphins’ Offense kept the game close.  Ryan Tannehill completed 22 of 38 passes (57.9%) for 290 yards (7.6 yards per attempt) with 1 TDs, no INTs, no fumbles, and two sacks for a 90.9 passer rating.  Brian Hartline was targeted 12 times and caught 8 passes for 107 yards (13.4 yards per catch).  Devone Bess was targeted 9 times and caught 6 passes for 67 yards (11.2 yards per catch).  Five other Dolphins caught either one or two passes with Charles Clay catching the TD.  The running game only generated 84 yards.  However, the Dolphins only tried to run 18 times (a respectable 4.7 yards per attempt and one exciting TD run).  Daniel Thomas carried the ball six times for 37 yards (6.2 yards per attempt).  Reggie Bush carried the ball ten times for 41 yards (4.1 yards per attempt).

Overall, the game was very exciting.  Down by 3, the Dolphins had the ball (1st and 10) at midfield with 50 seconds left to go.  But, they failed to even move the ball into field goal position.  Mostly, I thought the Dolphins played a good game.  However, they were still a few moments that left me screaming at the TV:

Here are my Week 9 C’MON MANs.

1).  The top one has to go to the Dolphins’ DBs.  Andrew Luck set a rookie record passing for 433 yards — believe it or not, he had 273 yards in the first half.  Colts’ WRs Avery, Hilton and Wayne caught 5, 6, and 7 passes for 108, 107, and 78 yards, respectively.  That is 293 total yards and 16.3 yards per catch just by the WRs.  The Dolphins’ CBs have to do a better job.  Nolan Carroll, Jimmy Wilson, and especially Sean SmithC’MON MAN!

In a matter related to the CBs, what infuriated me was the way the Carroll, Wilson, and Smith played well off of the Colts’ WRs in third down situations.  This helped the Colts’ convert 13 of 19 third down attempts.  Earlier in the season, the Dolphins seemed to be more successful in press coverage against more established WRs.  However, they seemed to get away from press coverage in the Rams and Colts games which lead to success by the opponents on third downs.  It would be great if the Dolphins got back to press coverage — obviously, the soft coverage is not working.  Kevin CoyleC’MON MAN!

In another matter related to the CBs, what really infuriated me was the way the Dolphins’ CBs failed to get their heads around to look for the ball — several receptions zoomed right over their heads into the waiting arms of Colts.  This has been an ongoing problem.  On two plays, Smith could have had interceptions, but he looked over the wrong shoulder.  This is an issue of technique that needs to be addressed.  Kevin CoyleC’MON MAN!

2).  Speaking of ongoing problems, the Dolphins’ LBs had another tough day covering the Colts’ TEs.  The Colts were without their #1 TE Coby Fleener.  Colts’ #2 TE Dwayne Allen was targeted seven times and caught six of those passes for 75 yards — that is a 12.5 yards per catch average.  As stated in my bye week article, prior to the Jets game, six opposing TEs averaged 14.9 yards per reception and a bunch of first downs.  Against the Jets, the LBs gave up 67 yards on seven receptions to TE Dustin Keller including three first downs and a TD.  The remainder of the season will not get any easier with the Seahawks’ Miller, the 49ers’ Davis, and the Patriots’ Grontkowski and Hernandez (twice).  The Dolphins’ LBs have really got to step up their play in coverage — this is starting to get serious.  Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, and Koa MisiC’MON MAN!

3).  Did anyone else notice that the Dolphins’ QB Ryan Tannehill seemed to focus almost exclusively on passing to the outside?  There was an absence of passes down the middle of the field — especially deep down the middle.  The Colts’ DBs were so heavily focused on Hartline and Bess, who were operating outside the hash marks, one would have thought the TEs would have had success up the seam.  Yet, Dolphins’ TEs Fasano and Clay only caught one pass each — both were outside the right hash mark.  The Dolphins need to hit the middle seam more often.  This may be more of a play calling issue because I don’t remember any TE routes down the middle at all.  Mike ShermanJoe PhilbinC’MON MAN!


The Dolphins have another big game this week against the Titans in Sun Life Stadium.  If they can pull out victory at home, they will be a game above the .500 mark and still be in the playoff hunt.  I hope the supporters in South Florida fill up Sun Life Stadium to cheer the Dolphins to a victory.  So, come out support the Dolphins!  Dolphans C’MON MAN!


What do you think? Do you have your own C’MON MAN you’d like to give out for the Colts game?


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