Miami Dolphins Keys to Victory For Week


The Miami Dolphins (4-4) set out to play the Tennessee Titans (3-6) today at Sun life Stadium. The Miami Dolphins are coming off a heartbreaking lost last week to the Indianapolis Colts that snapped their 3 game winning streak. Something we found out last week, the Dolphins defense still needs work.

I have come up with a few things the Dolphins will need to do to win this week against the Tennessee Titans.

Establish a Running Game

The Miami Dolphins running game could not have asked for a better match up. They have been struggling lately, and I feel that is why we are seeing such huge rotations out of Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas. The Titans are allowing 141 yards rushing a game. We need both Reggie and Thomas to step up and put Ryan Tannehill in positions to succeed. I feel that each running back should get around 15 carries. The last time Miami ran the ball 30 times, we beat the Jets 30-9 in week 8.


That is all that needs to be said here. As a QB and a captain, when Ryan steps back to throw the game is on his shoulders. He has played pretty flawless lately, and the Dolphins need that to continue.

Get to the QB

Everyone wants to point fingers at the secondary for the loss last week. I will take another more unorthodox route. We did not have very much pressure on Andrew Luck last week. He was only sacked one time, and it came early in the game. On third and long situations, we have got to force pressure on the opposing Quarterbacks. I could take any high school QB and put him in the pocket for 8 seconds and he could find an open receiver. Ok you have me, I may have over stepped my point. Yes it is a team effort, but if our secondary is chasing WR’s for eight seconds, that is a recipe for disaster.

Force Turnovers

There is a QB controversy brewing in Tennessee if you have not heard. A lot of it stems around bad decisions at the position. The two QB’s have combined for 7 INT’s. Forcing pressure on the QB and making them throw the ball early will play a roll in this as well. But that is not the only area to focus, Chris Johnson is coming off a game where he fumbled the ball twice against the Bears. That kind of thing stays in your mind for awhile.

Stop CJ3

The Titans offense is based around Chris Johnson. He is fast, nimble, and can make even the best defenses look stupid with a few jukes. with that being sad, he is facing a defense that has not allowed a 100 yard rusher in around 20 games. We will need this defense to show up. If CJ3 is up to 20 carries and has not broke 100 yards, we will have won the game because our defense is forcing their Qb to beat us.

 My prediction

The Dolphins will win this game. How badly we win is dictated by how well we accomplish these key points. But I predict Miami will have a 23-6 Victory today taking them to 5-4.

Go Fins!!