Are the Miami Dolphins on The Decline?


The last two weeks have been very tough for the Miami Dolphins, losing a nail biter to the Colts and then being blown out by Titans. All of a sudden people are throwing almost every Miami Dolphin player under the bus, the same players they were boasting about just a few weeks ago.

Everyone seems to forget that this team was projected to win only two games all season, also that they are not out of the playoff picture just yet. They are a decent team that is 4-5 that could easily be 7-2, losing three games by three points or less.

This team does have its issues, as every team does. But it is no reason to put this team away for this year, and if not a play off spot, there are a lot of players who have been developing all year who are only going to get better. Tannehill even though having an off game has been getting better, Same with Vernan Martin and Miller. This could very well be Ireland’s best draft since joining the Dolphins.

Vernan has been a big play machine this year, blocking field goals, making tackles and also being able to get to the quarter back. Martin at right guard started out sloppy but is slowly becoming a good right tackle for the Dolphins, at times playing better then Jake Long at left tackle who is having is worst season as a Dolphin. Even though he hasn’t played a lot when ever Lamar Miller gets the ball he has been able to make the most of his opportunities. Averaging 5.4 yards a carry and a touchdown.

Micheal Egnew, also drafted in the third round in this year’s draft has not played a single minute up to this point this season. Tannehill needs someone he can grow with. He has great wide recievers in Hartline and Bess but he needs a safety blanket that both Fasano and Clay have been able to be at times, but not consistent. They drafted Egnew to catch the ball, I know he isn’t “ready” to play yet but if he can develop into this great TE this recent draft will be the best one by the Dolphins in some time.

Yes this team could be 7-2 but it is a growing and rebuilding team. It is labeled that because it cannot when these games yet. While this season has been a roller coaster ride to this point it is not over. They are still right in the Play Off race and would be a pleasant surprise if they do indeed make it. If not next year will still be bright in Miami.