Two weeks ago I was truly honored to be invited to attend the Miami Dolph..."/> Two weeks ago I was truly honored to be invited to attend the Miami Dolph..."/> Two weeks ago I was truly honored to be invited to attend the Miami Dolph..."/>

Miami Dolphins Show Appreciation For Fans and Fan Sites With Web Weekend


Two weeks ago I was truly honored to be invited to attend the Miami Dolphins Web Weekend.  I have never had the opportunity to attend one before and for a first timer it was truly mind blowing.  For those that don’t know what a web weekend is Ill explain.  The Phins invite their fan websites, like PhinPhanatic, and fans to come and spend time with members of the organization and tour the facility as well as attend the game with amazing on field seats.  Even though that weekend’s thumping by the Tennessee Titans wasn’t exactly the game anybody wanted to see the whole weekend showed how much of a stand up organzation the Miami Dolphins really are.

The weekend started on Friday night with a dinner that unfortunately I was unable to attend.  The dinner was attended by Head Coach Joe Philbin who spoke to everyone in the room and had a guest appearance from Miami Great Sam Madison.  Like I mentioned I was unable to get to the dinner so I really don’t have to much info on it but the rest of the weekend was amazing.  Saturday morning we had the honor to help pack boxes to send to troops over seas and were able to go to the Pro Shop at the stadium with discounts on all items for the special event.  Later that evening we were able to tour the entire facility including the training bubble, practice field, and main meeting room.  The entire building was incredibly well put together and very professional as were the employees.

After having dinner in the teams cafeteria all the writers and fans had the opportunity to pick General Manager Jeff Ireland’s brain as he was kind enough to spend some time with us and answer any question we had.  We also were able to speak to several other main members of the Miami Dolphins organization and public affairs personnel.  We were even treated with a visit from Jim Kliick, one of the Running Backs from the Undefeated 72 Dolphins.  The entire evening was a true look inside the team and organization and gave you an idea of where they are heading.  Along with a great evening of events Phin Phanatic was awarded 4 webbie awards. More then any other site.

Game day morning we were invited to Nat Moore’s Tailgating Party at Sunlife Stadium and allowed to wander the stadium as well as attend warm ups on the sidelines.  We were able to stand shoulder to should with the Military Personnel and Combats Vets that were attending the game for Veteren’s Day weekend.  The Dolphins put on a true show for the Vets and the fans and truly showed their appreciation for both.  The Phins have caught a lot of flack that last few years from all angles and after spending a weekend with the organization it seems very unwarranted.  I had never personally attended a game in Miami since I’m from Jersey and the only time I get to see the Phins play is when they play the Jets.  After attending a game in Miami there is no comparison to the atmosphere and the fan base.  The Dolphins organization makes the game not only a great sporting event but just fun in general with plenty of events outside the stadium as well as inside.  I was truly impressed with the effort put forward and would highly recommend any and all fans to attend at least one home game in their life so you can truly appreciate being a Miami Dolphin fan.