Miami Dolphins Vs. Seattle Seahawks: Individual Expectations


Nov. 15, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) takes to the field before a game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

This Sunday the Miami Dolphins(4-6) look to put an end to a three game losing streak, starting with the Seattle Seahawks(6-4) at Sun Life Stadium. Miami has lost there last three games, after destroying the New York Jets 30-9, while the Seahawks are on a two game wining streak.

Both teams will have a rookie QB starting, which will be the Dolphins second rookie QB to play against this season. Both Dolphins, Ryan Tannehill, and Seahawks, Russell Wilson, have exceeded expectations and weren’t even suppose to start the season at QB for these teams.  They were said to need at least one or two years to develop before they could make any impact for there teams.

Miami’s struggles the past three weeks aren’t one dimensional. Both the offense and defense have struggled while the special teams, lead by Olivier Vernon, has been very impressive. Cornerback Sean Smith has been the biggest disappointment on the defensive side of the ball after starting the season looking like an elite corner. Quarterback Tannehill has been on a slump the past few weeks with throwing more interceptions then touchdowns. There are many problems with consistency on this Dolphins team, but they are also a relatively young team as well.

This week there are again numerous things that could be put for individual expectations. We have seen more things the past few weeks that have made us scream and yell at our television’s then cheer. But there are still some things the Dolphins have done that they are excelling in. Not much, but some.

Here are my top five Individual Expectations this week against the visiting Seattle Seahawks:

1. Dolphins Rushing Offense- Where has Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, and Lamar Miller gone? The Dolphins rushing offense was absolutely horrific last week against the Division Rival Buffalo Bills. Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas had a combined 53 yards rushing against the worst rush defense in the NFL. If Reggie keeps running like he has for the past few weeks, his chances of being resigned are slim.  It’s time for this rushing attack to step it up! Can they get going again against the Seahawks?

2. Dolphins Secondary Defense- Instead of focusing just on CB Sean Smith and his issues, I have chosen the whole secondary defense.  We all know Sean Smith is having a problem keeping up with his assignments and getting into possition for turnovers, but CB Nolan Carroll had an embarrassing performance last week.  Bills QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, picked on Carroll all game long. Carroll received back to back Defensive Pass Interference calls, and his receiver’s had numerous completions because he couldn’t keep his receivers in check.  Not to mention this is the same secondary which allowed Colts rookie QB, Andrew Luck, to break the rookie record for passing yards in a single game. How much of an issue will Seahawks rookie, Russell Wilson, be?

3. Dolphins Offensive Line- Again, last week I witnessed several balls batted down by the defensive line.  This offensive line has to do a better job keeping there assignments in check. Another big problem the offensive line needs to get fixed is allowing too much pressure, and sacks, on rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. This is the worst thing this offensive line could do, because it not only puts Tannehill at risk for another injury, but it also keeps a mental note in the back of his mind that they are getting through easily.

LT Jake Long is in the same situation RB Reggie Bush is in. Both are at the end of there contracts, and neither have been performing like they want to be resigned. Can Jake Long and this offensive line get back on track after having a long week to prepare?

4. Dolphins Rushing Defense- The past few weeks the run defense has steadily declined. They are being kept under control by the opposing offensive line’s and can’t seem to get to the running backs. Will they be able to keep the Seahawks under control this week?

5. Ryan Tannehill(Quarterback)- The past three week Ryan Tannehill has had 5 interceptions and only 2 touchdowns. That’s including the embarrassing loss to the Tennessee Titan’s where he had 3 interceptions and no touchdowns. Tannehill also has a problem with getting balls batted down by the defensive line. He’s still a rookie and we have to remember that, but his performance the past few weeks has been anything but awesome.  I know Tannehill can play very well and be just as good as the rest of this rookie class because we’ve seen it this season. I will be watching to see if Ryan Tannehill can out perform Russell Wilson.

Those are my top five for this week. Do you have a top 5 individual expectations list?