After 13 Weeks What Have We Learned About the Miami Dolphins?


Wake’s Intensity and motor are major factors in his growth with the Dolphins.

I don’t think it came to anyone as a surprise yesterday that the Dolphins lost yesterday to the 49ers. It was something we all expected to happen but as much as many of the fans like to ignore it the Dolphins are a team that is improving every week.

This team may not look that way because they keep losing games. But they do, even though Tannehill threw the ball away on forth down (which I’m still scratching my head about) this offense has gotten better. It has also been operating more smoothly each week. Tannehill is still growing, learning some things that are necessary to be a NFL quarterback. He has become more mobile though, and his accuracy has improved.

On defense, the Dolphins have had their miscues but it is a defense with a first year coordinator  It is going to take some time. Wake continues to prove that he is one of the best Defensive ends in the game contributing three sacks in yesterdays game. The one big question is the secondary. They have a young secondary with a few corner backs and a safety that are being outmatched. I’ve said it before the Dolphins need to resign Sean Smith, yes he isn’t an all star but he is also experienced and is  not a bad corner. Next year Richard Marshall will also be back, and hopefully the Dolphins can use two of its first three picks on a solid corner and safety to match up with Smith, Jones, and Marshall suddenly that secondary may go from near last in the league to at least  middle of the pack.

Special teams on the other hand is the strongest group for the Dolphins. Yes there were some miscues also for them but Marcus Thigpen is still only a rookie, rookies make mistakes. I am still puzzled about Freeny walking into the end zone though. Yes it was a dumb move but it doesn’t make sense. If you catch the ball at the Ten yard line and walk to the Five, the ball is down at the Ten. So if you down it at the Two…. Shouldn’t it be down at the Two? Oh well…

After yesterdays game people seemed to be frantic about the Dolphins saying how Ireland should be fired and the team is just as bad as last year. That isn’t the case. This team is getting better but they still need A LOT of help. That being said though they are a big name wide receiver  and a solid draft away from being a contender. I also hear that people think they should draft a Wide out and not sign one. I’d rather not get another Ted Ginn and sign a wide receiver that already has experience, look how much Vincent Jackson has helped Tampa Bay this year.

I’ve repeated all year that W’s are not the only victories for the Dolphins, experience is another very important asset to playing in the NFL. Only time will tell but the Dolphins do have a huge upside.