Over the past couple of months I have heard a few reports that GM    Over the past couple of months I have heard a few reports that GM 

Miami Dolphins Need A Leader Like Reggie


  Over the past couple of months I have heard a few reports that GM Jeff Ireland is not likely to re-sign Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush.  With very few true leaders on this 5-8 Dolphin team, I think it is vital for Miami to resign the hardest working, most devoted member of their team if they are truly trying to build toward a championship.Reggie’s numbers this year were impressive during the first three weeks until he suffered a mild knee injury against the New York Jets.  Many attribute his lack of production during the ladder part of this season to why they think he wont be back, but it isn’t all about the numbers when trying to lead a team.

Watching Bush against the San Francisco 49ers in person this past Sunday only reaffirmed how focused he is and how badly he wants to see this team win. Reggie was the only offensive player in my opinion that was going a 100% every play, even when he didn’t touch the ball.   He suffered a crowd roaring hit on the sideline and could have stayed down and milked it, but as the leader Bush got up went back to the huddle and got the next play like a true professional and more importantly a man.

These little things Bush does are so vital for a young team full of players looking for the right way to do things.  Most NFL fans can attest to this especially during the past couple of weeks where we’ve seen Kansas City Chief and Dallas Cowboys players embarrassing the league.

Another reason Miami can’t lose Reggie is simple.  You dealt your best play-maker from a year ago in Brandon Marshall (still don’t understand that move) so losing Reggie would only add to the already stagnant offense we have seen this season from the Dolphins.

Many experts and NFL analysts repeatedly said the Dolphins were one playmaker away from being a contender in the AFC not only this year, but beyond.  That is why Jeff Ireland can’t be stingy with Bush and maybe overpay him just a little bit to keep him.

I know, I know, Jeff Ireland probably wont because he acts like it’s his money he’s spending.  Ireland really needs to think long and hard about letting Reggie go though because all who are familiar with the Dolphins this season can only imagine how good they could have been if we had Brandon Marshall and also Chad Johnson.  I believe a lot better than 5-8.

We also know how much worse Miami could have been if we didn’t have Reggie Bush in the lineup.  Bush only has 5 touchdowns, but this stat is skewed a bit.  He scored most of his touchdowns from outside the 20 this year and hardly got the nod on goal-line or red-zone situations.  Simply put, he makes plays on a team that hardly ever scores on long yardage plays.

Our depth at the position is decent, but I don’t think Daniel Thomas can handle the load by himself with his turnover trouble and his knack for concussions. Lamar Miller seems promising, but is still unproven.

Another key area to look at when making a decision such as this is if Reggie Bush wants to be in Miami and he has made clear he does.  Bush was quoted by Fox Sports saying, “I would love to be back here,” when asked if he would like to return to the Dolphins next year.

“I really enjoy building something special,” Bush added.  “I want to bring a Super Bowl to Miami and kind of restore some of that greatness about the Miami Dolphins.  So I look forward to it.  It’s like a project almost.  You kind of want to build something from scratch.  That’s the same thing we did in New Orleans; we built that team from scratch.  I look forward to doing the same thing.”

That is all any fan of any team wants to hear from one of their stars.  Reggie actually loves Miami when so many others have been so negative the past few years when referring to the Miami Dolphins organization.

To me it is a no-brainer to keep Reggie while he is in the prime of his career.  He is one of the most electric players in the game, he fills seats in Miami and elsewhere, and he is the most proven leader on that team.  When many players around the league are overpaid, I don’t believe it would be a mistake to overpay slightly for a play-maker and leader like Reggie Bush.  Ireland, please be smart and think this one through before you pull the trigger.