The 50th (L) Super Bowl Belongs In Miami


The city of Miami knows how to host a Super Bowl.  Sure the party around New Orleans is one of the great spectacles of sports but come on man, you can’t keep the lights on?  Southbeach can throw a pretty big party as well and the NFL this May will decide whether or not a new stadium in San Francisco should host the might “50’th” or the city of Miami.

We all know that the Dolphins brass and stadium officials have been pining for the 50’th for quite some time.  We have heard all the “if we don’t get the renovations…the NFL won’t award us a Super Bowl” stuff.  Last nights, “lights out” issue should be a clear message to the NFL that the 50th belongs to South Florida.

Sure, San Francisco had nothing to do with the power outage (at least we don’t think so) but last year they endured a Monday night delay when the power at their stadium went out before kick-off and again in the 2nd quarter.  The NFL learned last year what problems can arise by a host city novice.  The city of Dallas and the neighboring city of Arlington had no preparation for a late season ice storm.  Add to that the huge mistake of overselling seats that didn’t exist and the NFL and the Cowboys are still paying out for the lawsuits and settlements.

Next season the NFL will venture to New York.  Sure the city that never sleeps should easily be able to host and entertain the fans of the biggest most watched game in the world but in February?  I live in NC and guess what?  It’s freaking cold here.  I love that football is played in the elements but the Super Bowl?  A blustery winter snow storm will not be met with much enthusiasm from the fans in attendance.  I don’t care what NY can throw at them.  Outside venues will all but be non-existent if the city get’s hit with a storm.  At the very least the temps should be below 40.

Roger Goodell has said that the NFL’s biggest game should be played in the elements but you only have to look back a few years when the Dolphins hosted the game and it rained.  It rained.  Everyone was moaning about the weather.  The players didn’t find it enjoyable, the fans in attendance found the conditions miserable, and the network broadcasting the game took note that the conditions would impact the outcome.  Imagine what the snow will do.

The reality is this.  The NFL wants their 50’th Super Bowl to be a huge success.  A spectacular spectacle that no other Super Bowl has shown and the two cities fighting for that luxury is a city who has never hosted a Super Bowl and a city who has hosted it 10 times.  The math is easy.  San Francisco will have to call upon Los Angeles, Pasadena, and San Diego for help.  Miami doesn’t have to do anything.

So it may rain.  They say it never rains in California.  Can’t always rely on the power either.  Take note Roger Goodell, the 50th Super Bowl should belong to the city of Miami.